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Alan Cohen
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rain Rain ...

Don't go away .. please, let me have just one day stuck in the house so I can get something done without interruptions !
Thank you.

We are having the typical house problems one has with a new or old home .. the dishwasher isn't washing, the basement is housing some crawly things that totally freak the wash lady out so she isn't going back down there until someone ( husband?) goes down first with .... flame throwers ? machine gun ? poison ... and clears the way .

Then we will be back to just grumbling about getting down that flight of stairs without falling and breaking our necks and there is a cobweb over there ! and why is it so dank and dark ?? whine whine whine ...

The birds are beside themselves with happiness, the whining laundress went out there with bags of seed and filled all the feeders and now they are either fighting over their turn at the feeder or they are just lying on their backs on a tree branch, patting their bellies and belching quietly.
Yeah, little country birds do that.

I thought a fly or gnat landed on my arm while I was busy filling the feeder and just swatted it away, then I saw it was a bee.
Bees and I don't get along so well, they sting, I go into shock .... I see them, they die.
So we try to avoid each other at all times.
As in todays meeting, one of us was a bit absent-minded and lucky to have survived.

My husband, the man with unlimited amounts of patience and good manners, is trying to find out why the dishwasher repair man came here, said it needed fixing but you can still use it then proceeded to make it unusable and then he left, never to return.
What ? was that a joke ??

So now my husband is trying to make the lady that answers the phone, figure this one out for herself and get something done already ... personally, a new dishwasher sounds better to me every day.

Funny, we bought a house that had "everything" in it already and there was "no need" to buy appliances or "anything" and since we moved in, we have been buying new stuff and having old stuff repaired ..
My advice, when you buy a house with all appliances, if they are older than a year, buy your own.
It might be expensive but it saves you aggravation .. really.
I won't even charge you for that brilliant bit of advice. and if you buy a house, you will know how valuable free advice is.

I can't tell you how green it is outside.
I can't tell you how much I missed that .
I can't tell you how much I like it ... no, I love it.

Rain rain, go ahead, stay  , it is beautiful when it rains.

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  1. I love the whining laundress and the belching birds. Enjoy the copious rain! MtV


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