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Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Weekend in a Nutshell

Saturday we shopped for food, I cleaned the house .. again .. like the 40th time .. just to be sure there was no dust or germs floating around that might disturb a 6 week old little boy.

I made beds with new sheets and made bathrooms like hotel baths and decorated to make certain people think they were actually in a 1- posh hotel 2- posh retreat - 3-mom's house.

I cooked before the arrival so there were plenty of Favorite foods in the refrigerator and snacks and drinks and everything that might tempt someone to stay a while longer ..

And then they were here.
Everyone looks good, healthy, pretty and handsome and small, perfect and adorable.
The Small Perfect Adorable one occupied all my thoughts and waking moments.

Last night my husband, our son and I went out on the front porch and watched stars fall, what could be more magical than that ! ?

Today while they hung out in the garden with their dad, the small adorable one and I rested on the sofa.
I had actually sort of forgotten the way it feels to have a tiny body lying on your chest .. after a while it grows heavier ! boneless, sweet, soft beyond description , lips that beg for kisses and eyes that are amazing .. tiny starfish hands with fingers that will no doubt play a piano one day or at least paint a masterpiece.

The house is now silent, feels terribly large and empty  .. if I can't make them live here, if I can't have one of my own, I guess we are going to have to get a puppy.


  1. What a lovely weekend! How I miss holding a little baby! I hope they come back for another visit soon.

  2. Such a lovely heartfelt description of your weekend with your new grandson. Yes, they are perfect, they do grow quickly, so hopefully you'll get to see him often.

    Puppy, hmmmm? Be sure before you bring one home - they grow too, and if you travel.....well you probably know all about that!

    So happy the weekend went so well - falling stars and all.

    Hugs- Mary

  3. Sandra, it is sad. They should have taken this into account when they decided women couldn't have babies after a certain age ... the need/love of holding a sweet little baby never goes away.

    Mary .. A Puppy was the plan before we even moved, so we are just moving along , according to the Plan. Go back to the early days of my blog, you can meet Pup and see what I mean :)
    hugs to you too, C

  4. A puppy is always a very, very good thing. Animals always give me another sense by which to see the world, to even see ANOTHER world. GEt that puppy my dear! AND thank you for coming to visit and leave a comment. All is well. My results did show a negative so that's GREAT! It's when you're called back that is nerve-wracking! And to watch the stars fall?Magic indeed. Anita


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