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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's Wednesday !

It's Wednesday !! What do I have to do today ?? Where do we have to go ? What do we have to buy ?
Who is coming to fix something ?? Where is the painter ? Is the exterminator coming today ???

What ? No ?? They all finished ?? Really ?

You mean I don't have to be up early and dressed so a man can walk through the basement with poison and leave without ever seeing him ... although I still see the bees and bugs ..

What about the painter ? I like him ! He is part of the household now, no ? I liked having him around, big blonde Viking with the great laugh and sweet way about him. He sure did a fine job painting my old red house ... which is now an old olive/grey house.
If I do say so myself, the color is brilliant.
See ... sometimes I do get it right.
I should say We, because my husband is right here with me , choosing, vetoing and keeping me from melting down countless times.

The gardens are starting to look good and more like Our gardens than the gardens we inherited along with the bad paint job and crappy kitchen appliances .. yes, you read that right.
All the appliances that looked new and that I thought would last and be one less thing to spend money on ... yesterday I got my new dishwasher. It actually washes dishes instead of making them look filthy.
So in this case, between my doing them by hand and buying a new dishwasher, the choice was pretty easy. It looks good too ... and you know that is important !

So we moved into a house that didn't need anything but paint ...
and a new washer and dryer. And a new dishwasher . And the floors all had to be sanded and sealed. And all the extra things that we bought so we wouldn't have to go to the stores to buy new, we ended up throwing away because they were actually broken, useless and we bought new.
I am still waiting for the sliding glass doors to be delivered.

So it looks like the only thing we have to do now, Must do ... is hang pictures and mirrors and buy a sofa for this little den.

Today is Wednesday .. there is nothing we have to do. What will I do ??
The pool and the pool house will have to wait until Autumn when we can find them.

 There is something to be said about Riding Lawnmowers and the men who ride them ( women too but in this case, it is a man )

If I ever feel the need for a Library
Or just some fresh bread

I think I will go paint the mailbox now. Have a good Wednesday !


  1. So beautiful - all lush and green and that wonderful cottagy like atmosphere and gardens... you are so lucky!!!! While my poor geraniums, the only thing I can keep alive, are hanging in there despite our sweltering heat - have plucked a few burnt leaves... Sounds like you are settling in well ....

  2. What a lovely library! :). I'm things are going reasonably well, and you have a loving, supportive husband who likes to take part in the decision making! The color of your house sounds beautiful!


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