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Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Day In The Life .....

At the risk of sounding like a whiner, I have to say that I am really sick of sitting around at home on a beautiful day, waiting for someone to come look at something and to fix it or tell us if we once again are better off Buying a New One!

As usual, when buying a home, we thought that there were many things here we would not have to buy, that would make life that little bit easier.
But noooooo .. every single thing that came with the house , that the ( not so great after all) inspector did not find fault with .. washer, dryer, dishwasher, ... was kaput and we had to buy new ones.
And now that I have a brand new beautiful dishwasher, the water is leaving marks on glasses and silverware that looks like powder .. yuck !

So now we have to get Water Softener.
After we had the old one disconnected.
Which is ok .. I would rather have new and what I chose but still ..
The house has been totally repainted inside and out and now we are replacing all the appliances.
It is enough ( more than enough) to make me cranky.

So today we left it all behind and went to the County Fair.
Our one mistake was going in the heat of the day on a hot sunny summer day.

But it was fun.
We ate no junk food .. cotton candy and jumbo hot dogs fried in batter do not appeal for some reason.

A cold drink would have been nice but we ended up just wandering and people watching and enjoying the thrilled little faces of children getting on Merry Go Rounds and pulling on their mamas arms to get her attention .. getting fake tattoos .. that looked a bit more authentic than Daddy 's   real tattoos !

We watched people go on rides that were something out of my worst nightmares .
We watched really old people pushing other really old people around in wheelchairs.. making me want to push one and give the poor sweet thing a break ..
I somehow worried that no one would take that well.
So I just smiled.
I smile a lot here.
It reminds me of when we were first arrived in Buenos Aires.
I couldn't speak the language and had no clue what they were saying to me but I just smiled and everything went well.

You know what .... I miss Buenos Aires.
Oh sure, they don't have county fairs with Ferris Wheels and pig races but I miss them anyway.
I miss my neighbors.
I miss the kisses and 'como esta' and the shopkeepers waving hello as we walk by and the cafe guy who would see us coming and would come out and spend half an hour just chatting... never mind he had people inside waiting for their coffee or to pay.
I miss taking Pup for those walks at night around 10 pm.
Summer nights it would be comfortably cool and   other people would be out.
We would go through the park, where people were sitting on benches and others were  playing music and stars would twinkle over it all.

Pup loved it when the musicians would play.
He could never figure out why people threw things into the guitar case.
He would want to go sniff it and see if it was tasty, so we kept an eye out for that.
But he would just sit and enjoy the music with the rest of the crowd.
I miss that Pup.

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