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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Best Laid Plans

For some time now, even when living in Buenos Aires, I  have been browsing   home magazines and home decor magazines and books and daydreaming of a new house. Here or there, the house was what I dreamt of, not so much where it was.
Then as we all know, life has this way of changing things up now and then and we decided to move back to the United States.

Here came my opportunity to find and furnish and live in a house "of my dreams"..
This "dream house" had a few things about it that made it perfect for me ..

Two story, Center Hall Colonial would suit me.
High ceilings, wood floors and lots of large windows overlooking fields, gardens or woods, no neighborhoods please.

A fireplace or two and plenty of rooms for guests, both big and small and tiny.
A kitchen where the family would gather on holidays and on a property where I would not see another house, only gardens and trees.

As we all know, no matter how good your plans are, they don't always work out .

We found a home.
I don't know why we initially liked it.
I don't know why it didn't take me longer to like it.
I am not quite sure why I like it .

It has neighbors !

It has no fireplace, not enough extra bedrooms to suit me, it is a Mid Century Modern and all on one floor .. no Upstairs/Downstairs !

It does have Possibilities.
It has gardens that are more than I had ever hoped for .
It has trees , a small private forest,  one might say.
A single story home might not be a bad idea as the years go by .
It has what one might call Style .. or at least it will when I am through with it !

Just a short walk up a hill on a nice quiet road, there is a farm.
There are Highland cattle and sheep and goats and horses..

We will eventually have a cat and a dog. And we will get to know the neighbors horses. Maybe even the neighbors too .

So when things aren't going your way and you find yourself battling to keep on a path that you have set for yourself .. a list of Things you must have ...
Remember... sometimes what you think you must have is not exactly what you will get or even want .. in the scheme of things .
And that might just be a Wonderful Thing.


  1. For a moment I thought you were going to say you changed your mind! Phew!!!

    Lovely post about how what we think we have to have isn't always what we settle for when options present themselves. You WILL make this house a beautiful home once you get in there and start playing - and the outdoors sounds like gorgeous country.

    Way to go - Mary

  2. Yes! Yes sometimes we think we want something different. When we moved to Oregon 17 years ago, i wanted a colonial, or maybe Victorian style 2 story house, with an attached barn, maybe a fireplace or two, and a couple acres of land. Lol. Yes, i know, this isn't Maine where i'd spent the first 32 years of my life.

    We have a three bedroom, one story ranch.. no fireplace, a quarter an acre of land and an ordinary 2 car suburban garage. Butvee love this house, and as long as we live in OR, we'll keep it no matter what else we find! :)


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