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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

House Dreams

Just a note to say hello and that things are going along very well here and we are so very busy with this and that.
At the moment we are enjoying  living in a 200 year old house while we wait for our mid-century house to be closed on and moved into.
I can't wait !
We drive by, wander the gardens, sit in front of the house and discuss what to do with this and that and probably cause worry among any neighbors who see us and wonder , Who Are They ?! What Are They Up To ?? !

My mind overflows with plans for gardening, the grounds are a bit unkept at the moment but also have a fabulous hidden garden feeling .. with as yet uncounted huge trees and flowers everywhere and vines ... Wisteria and who knows what else !
Then I wonder, what if the wisteria starts to pull down trees ? we had that back in the last house we lived in the US .. Coming soon to a blog near you ..Adventures in Gardening ~
I have a huge book that was given to me many years ago .. an Encyclopedia of sorts on flowers and plants ... it is finally going to come in handy !

I daydream about standing at the 3 !! kitchen windows ( a windowed bay at the end of the kitchen where the sink/stove/counter are located ) and watch the birds and creatures out in my private woodland... I can't wait !!

When I am lying in bed at night, trying to get my weary mind to stop spinning around, I think about The House.
I have to know where the furniture is going to go, so I can direct the movers when they finally arrive .. so at night when I am the only one awake ... I see the house in my minds eye and know What will go Where and How it will all look (hopefully).

The house is not as big as some we have been looking at and I wonder will my furniture fit !
What if there is no wall for a certain very long chest from South America ??
What if the bed doesn't fit in the guest room which is small and has a wall of french doors to a glass conservatory sort of room ??

What if ?  I hate "what if's " ... they keep me awake too many nights.

We think we are moving in about 4 weeks.
Until then, I will drive by and gaze at my Home-to-Be.
Admire the flowers that are coming up in my Garden-to-Be.
Puzzle my Neighbors-to-Be.

And buy more Home Magazines ... and study ... and Dream.


  1. my husband and i just moved to a new house and i spent a lot of time on pinterest saving decorating ideas in one place.

  2. How exciting!!!
    Nearly there...I can taste it!!
    A glass conservatory off the guest room...well la-tee-dah!!!
    I will be quite cosy in there!! hahaha!
    Get over and introduce yourselves to the neighbours!!!
    I am sure they will have plenty of stories about "The House" to tell you!!!

    Linda :o)

  3. It sounds like quite a wonderful new home! I'm so happy for you. :). And i can't wait to hear your gardening stories. I look forward to hearing about all your adventures. A glass conservatory!! How fabulous!

  4. Anony, I am on Tumblr and I get so many ideas ... now I have to go look at Pinterest , thanks !

    Linda, I plan to put a table and chairs in the "glass room" for summer night dinners ..

    Mary, there are poppies budding in the front of the house!! poppies ! Iris coming up, rhodedendrums have bloomed, trees are covered in flowers that I think might be apple trees, there are azalea bushes and flowering trees that also might be some sort of apple. I am going to have such fun !


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