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Thursday, May 9, 2013


We have been back for a few weeks now and I have found that I have done very little shopping.
Oh yes, shampoo, conditioner and a few beauty products but not really much in the way of shoes, clothes or well ... anything that I was looking forward to.
It seems that once we got here, the focus was all on finding a House .. buying a Home.
We have ... almost .. so now it is time to relax and wait for Things to be done, Tests to be taken, this and that to happen, then we will have the Home.
But ... then I will be shopping for the New Home.
Pretty things, ordinary things and hopefully garden and fun things.
But ... where are my new clothes ? my new Bought in the USA shoes ?

I think this week ... which is almost over ... should not pass without my having bought at least one pair of shoes, a new top or bottom or oh, even a piece of jewelry. What do you think?

Oh oh ... what about a new Handbag ? yes... that might work too.

Malls are not really close by.
Boutiques can be irritating and touristy where we are staying at the moment... and styles here seem to run to jeans and loose shirts, boots and sweat shirts, not exactly what I wore when in Argentina.
So while we won't be seeing me in a sweatshirt, there must be a shop where I can get some more casual tops and maybe a sweater or two .. the sun shines but it is still quite chilly .. my blood is thin, it still misses Argentina.

Yesterday we drove into The City. Well, not even The City .. we drove past it and into New Jersey !!
It poured rain, the roads were flooding, there were times when I feared sinking or being crushed under a wind tossed tree.
We drove over the George Washington Bridge and the top half was lost in fog.
That was so creepy, eerie and downright scary !! and then suddenly, we were in New Jersey and we could see the car in front of us again.
Then the drive back ... first we had a little fog , then a lot of rain then as we arrived in the Berkshires, the skies grew lighter and it stopped raining .. welcoming us back.

I think I will wait until Sunday in the Summer before I take that drive again.
Have I become a country girl this quickly ?
Or am I just a bad weather wimp?

Wait til you hear about our new house !
Later .


  1. Ooooo! I can't wait to hear about your new house! Details. I want lots of details about all the country... details! It sounds like you had a scary ride indeed! I don't think you're a weather wimp, necessarily, i just think there's a huge difference between New England and Argentina, lol.

  2. Actually, Argentina has some pretty scary storms that include hail and flooding .. but overall their weather is fairly consistent.
    Here, it runs the gamut of ordinary to severe.
    I can't wait to post non-stop until you beg for mercy about the house but we are waiting to be sure there is nothing bad in the inspections etc.
    Company is coming, off to explore our new land :)


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