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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Mouse in the House

I guess if I were naming today, it would be Wet Wednesday.
It was drizzling when we left the house, on the parkway into New York City, we hit the rains. And boy did it rain.
Lanes on the road were closed , so deep was the water.
Everyone was crawling along, making a 1 1/2 hour ride close to 3 hours .. that were full of tension .. trying to see , trying not to drive into a bottomless puddle, avoiding the simpletons who were driving over the speed limit while everyone else was creeping along , trying to figure out if we were supposed to pay that toll back there , which lane gets us into the right road ... my head is aching from it all.

We got all the bank things done in about 20 minutes then drove back home .. this time dealing with thick fog and then suddenly, the skies cleared, we were out of the fog and traffic and flying along, homeward bound.

I have suddenly become a HomeBody ..
I like staying home. And this isn't even My home !
Also .. we have mice.
Well, actually, the landlord has mice , they are just staying with us while we are here.
The mornings are full of suspense , you can imagine, was there a mouse here last night, is there a live or dead mouse here this morning ?
I would so like not to have to deal with this aspect of 200 year old houses in the woods.

But ...

We are so happy to be here.
We are enjoying Everything, even the too long , too tense ride into the city.
Which did not tempt me to linger for one moment.
Have I suddenly become Country Girl ?
What happened to City Girl ?
Did I leave her in Buenos Aires or was that Country Girl just trying on the city for size ?
Whichever one I am now, it is good .. it is all good.
I am looking forward to warm , dry days when I can photograph the local wild ( and not so wild) life and share them here .
Until then, I promise, no photos of little mice.

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  1. We have them too! Just in the past two years tiny creatures appear in the night - our exterminator told us they can enter through just a 1/4 inch opening around a pipe etc. We've plugged everywhere best we can but they still get in! Our house is only 28 years old so they don't care where they go!! One came in through the range opening in the wall - and spent a night in the oven drawer! Others seem to come through the dryer vent. I won't go into the removal - but sadly it has to be done, just can't have them in the house! We're on a crawl space not a basement - have put down bait there now and then, however we still get visitors!

    Isn't it nice to stay home though - I was concerned you'd be missing that vibrant city but now I think you really are going to love the change.

    I'm off again very soon - but even before I go I'm already looking forward to coming home - I have so much requiring attention here at the cottage.

    Happy day - Mary


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