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Thursday, April 25, 2013

This and That

We found a house that was perfect for us.
The location, the house ,  just about everything  was perfect.
We were in love.
For about 2 days .
But there was this couple.
They saw it first.
They did everything they could to keep us from getting the house and they were successful.
So the house hunt continues.

Flowers are blooming everywhere.
My sinuses are not happy.

The birds and  bees are out ..... and little gnats that make a person walk down the street waving their arms around and make spitty noises .

We went to a mall.
It was huge.
I said hello to Banana Republic and Pottery Barn, my old friends.

We are trying out North American pizza again.
I am now comparing it to South American pizza .. that won't last long.
It has been so cold, I have enjoyed soup everywhere we go.
The best soup so far was chicken noodle from an Italian restaurant.
I need to try some Egg Drop Soup next .. the last time I had it was in Buenos Aires and I had one of those pesky Chinese food reactions that calls for Benadryl.
Who knew eating a bowl of soup could be so exciting ?

We found a supermarket called The Big Y.
I walk through the place like a person from another planet who has never seen this thing called a Super Market.
It is huge and has large baked goods, fish and packages of paper towels and toilet paper that require a van to bring it all home.
In the years we were away, everything got larger.. or was it all just smaller in Argentina ... which is a huge country ... something to ponder.

Our new car runs like a top and gets washed often.
We have discovered the do-it-yourself Car Wash.
I like it.
Sort of.
I have this lingering fear from childhood that something will break and we will be trapped in the car, in the car wash, with all those things squirting and blowing on you.

We saw a house that is by a private airport.
Small planes, the sort that you crank up to fly.
The house is adorable, the neighbors not so much and there is this lingering fear of a small plane falling down short of the runway .. like in the guest bedroom.

We drive past horse farms every day.
We see cows. Yesterday I saw sheep.
There is a wonderful wonderful place here called  Equine Advocates  .
A place of shelter and rescue for horses. .
I had hoped that living nearby , I would be able to volunteer there.
Now I have to find a house first, then go volunteer.

This weekend the Boy and our sweet daughter in law will visit.
I am excited. I will cook for them.
We will go wandering.. antiquing .. maybe even house hunting ... perhaps, they will bring us luck.

I want my own house now.
This has been fun, but you know how it is .. when you do something  all the time, it stops being fun.
So it is time to find a house and get our belongings delivered and get a dog and a cat.
Oh .. and make a nursery in one of the bedrooms ..


  1. The moments of existing between two cultures are ones to be appreciated, cherished even, for the perspective they afford you that others cannot share. Despite the tedium of your house hunting we're envious of your time of "free-floating". Enjoy, and good luck!

  2. bee and jay, you are so right. It is a period of time that is rare and should be enjoyed. Thank you !

  3. Sorry you missed out on the house, but what will be - will be.
    Another house will come along that you like even more, and you will be glad that you lost it.

  4. We lost the first house in Florida and now I am happy we did. Hope you find your dream home soon.

  5. Ha. What a funny coincidence. I used to write custom published magazines for Big Y.

  6. Ho Hum...along you go...
    At least you have visitors arriving...
    Good luck...
    Keep us posted!!

    Linda :o)


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