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Alan Cohen
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Monday, April 22, 2013

It is all Good

We woke to bright blue skies, birds singing, daffodils blooming and full of anticipation of Good Things happening this week.

Being back in the US , back where  family is close by, where the food is familiar and quite tastey   and where I understand everything everyone is saying, is Good!

The weather has been pretty good.
We did have rain, but even that was nice.
Staying in an old house with woods and streams nearby, hearing the rain  hitting the skylight puts me right to sleep and waking up to a newly washed world with the sun shining again makes a person cheerful.

We take walks up the hill, past farms, fields of corn ( now cut down but this summer it will be quite a sight, miles of corn fields ) and past a grand home with tennis courts and private roads and old fences with barns that probably house nice cars these days.

We see hawks floating high above, on the look-out for field mice and small things .. the yard has been full of tiny little birds right along side the larger birds, pecking away, catching worms and eating whatever it is tiny birds eat ..

Everything is getting ready to burst into bloom.
The trees have a green haze on them, the buds are ready to pop !
We enjoy our drives here and there, seeing horses in fields, cows, there is a sheep herding place north of here, I would like to see the Spring lambs running around.

Today we drive to an area called Red Rock.
It is just so beautiful.
We looked at a house there but of course, as luck would have it, it was too small, no fireplace and not good for us ... but the area is wonderful, with houses up long winding driveways, a river that runs alongside the road, over big rocks and through the trees, very "enchanted woods" feeling.
We will go visit with our realtor. ... bringing this and   that and high hopes.

The people we are renting this place from, left a bottle full of yellow and white daffodils on our doorstep the other day.
They now sit on the kitchen table, cheering up the rooms.

One day we were in  hot sunny Summer, then here we are , early Spring.
It is all Good.


Razmataz said...

Have you seen anything you like? I thought you would have snapped a place up already.

kelly said...

aw. how nice of your landlord!

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