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Thursday, March 28, 2013

On the Road Again !

We picked up our car, thanks to the lovely man who drove from the dealership to our hotel, took us to the dealership, where we found out the very confusing issue of "points" when showing ID.
Forgive us, we have been away, we missed the part about our passports being worth points , the drivers license worth different points and so on and so forth.
We also learned that my name and middle initial on one document is not the same as my full name on another.
We spent a long, torturous and upsetting time going through this and suddenly after the same wonderful man drove us back to the hotel and back to the dealership ( they are not close to each other)  we got the right numbers of points and we are both owners of a lovely car that we drove out of the dealership with huge sighs of relief.
The world can rest easy- we have the right number of points on our ID.

The car is lovely. Fast. Has that new car smell. Goes fast.
Very good with handling and being quiet .. our own little rocket which will take off tomorrow headed North.

Blogging will stop for a little bit I think.
Be prepared for stories in the future that will contain things like House hunting, Oohing and Aahing over big trees, fields, cows, stone walls, horses and small charming towns that have been there since the Revolutionary War.

Tonight is the good by for now dinner with our babies then off we go in the morning.
See you soon, from somewhere North .. in the woods ...


  1. Welcome home!!! Can't wait to read about the adventures and memories you will be creating as you embark on your next chapter!! XO C. (HHL)

  2. Happy Hunting! Til we meet again, lol through your blog of course.

  3. If points in New York state are like points here in Ontario, they are there to be lost if one is caught transgressing the rules of the road. Lost points = costlier insurance!

    Be careful with your little rocket!
    And happy house hunting- looking forward to more "Notes from..."!!

  4. Thanks ! B & J .. no not like points when you get a ticket but when something more to do with "Homeland Security" I believe. Everything you do that requires ID.. your ID has points .. license has so many, passport has a different amount .. we missed it all so now we understand the reason but scoff at how they are doing it.
    We are buying a car, not a gun or rocket launcher :)
    speaking of the car ... it is so great. :)


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