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Saturday, March 30, 2013

And here we are ...

I drove a car today.
First time in 6 years.
I remembered how to do everything, I didn't hit anyone and the car is unscathed.
My back aches, I sat so stiff and worried that I wouldn't remember how .. but you know what ? It's like riding a bike.. you get on and remember how to do it.
We won't discuss the inability to find the button that makes the door unlock ..

We looked at a house to rent while we look for a house to buy.
Unless you are staying at the Ritz in Paris or the Plaza in New York City, hotel living gets old really fast.
So we wandered into a realtors office, met a great guy named Barney and before you knew it, we were riding in his car to this house that is only maybe 200 years old or so and we went through it and loved it.
It is furnished .. everything brand new ... but no dishes etc .. so we will rent it but the owner has to buy a few things for the kitchen.
So in a couple of days, we will say goodbye to hotel living and hello to old house living. We might as well think of it as the introduction to life in This Old House.
I keep finding them in the real estate websites, ancient old houses that look so great and are probably crumbling.

It is cold.
The nights are frosty and the stars are out and it is beautiful.
I am taking too many photos of skies and clouds and trees.

We are so happy to be here.


  1. Glad you found a house. Please send pictures. MtV

  2. How exciting .... I can't wait to see the house. We love old houses. We have lived in our late Victorian house for 27 years and, our house before that was a 16 century cottage ! XXXX

  3. The rental is old and charming because the owner has done a total renovation. I am happy that he did the work and we get to enjoy the results.
    We will try to find a home that needs very little renovation and still has charm and character. Homes like that are everywhere here, making me happy.
    We are adjusting to cold weather .. just a few weeks ago, we were turning on the a/c and complaining about the heat.


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