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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Movers- Buenos Aires : Day 1

They have arrived.
A nice little crew of young men with strong backs and ready smiles, quiet and efficient. Am I really still in Buenos Aires ?
The crew boss set them to work right away and I watched my sofa turn into a large package, the tables and chairs and everything else, in heavy duty boxes or wrapped in chair shaped , table shaped, lamp shaped boxes.
They won't be hard to figure out what is in that box when we see them again.

They are out to lunch now.
We are lucky, it is a sparkly sunny day with an occasional cloud and temperatures in the 70s. We have all the french doors open and so far only one fly came by, no little birds though and thankfully no cranky parrots.
We hear them but don't see them.

We will check into the hotel tomorrow, they will pack up the vestidor and  our bedroom and all the packing is  all supposed to be done by Thursday I think.

I plan on making the most of the hotel .. the quiet ( Please God) and the fact that someone else is cleaning, making the bed and cooking for the next few months.

Our hotel in NY is booked .
Our babies await the parents who had to go for that last fling somewhere exotic, to come back home.

I am not sure if I will be able to blog on any sort of regular basis after today.

My computer will be packed.
My husbands lap top is fine for email but I might not feel like blogging on it.
But then again, there is the idea that I might blog the rest of this phase of the journey Abroad, through photographs.
That might be easier and you can get a break from my (most likely constant) whining and whinging and grumbling in the course of months of travel, hotel rooms and house hunting.

We will see. I might just say to hell with it and make you all suffer with me.

Now it is time for coffee and a medialuna or two .. it is 12:50 and I have not had a bite to eat.
Pobrecito, no one fed her yet :)

There will be photos posted later, btw - featuring Argentine moving men.
Just what you have been waiting for ~


  1. Good Luck and have a safe trip!
    All the best.

  2. Oh my dear friend .. I have been BlogLand absent as I work on on my blog re-do and further explore where I'm going in life. Just popping in to check on you .. and WOW what a fabulous surprise - that you will soon be back in North America!!! I'm over the moon happy and excited for you as you embark or the next chapter of your lives on home soil. Sending you many blessings, hugs, and lots of positive energy across the miles, on Angel's wings. Safe travels HOME!!! Hugs, C. (HHL)

  3. Oh please keep blogging when you find the time?! I love your writing, and don't mind 'suffering' at all. lol

  4. How exciting! The start of a new life for you and H. Have a good trip back home!


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