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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Saying Good-by

I am writing to you from The Sileo Hotel, Buenos Aires.
A beautiful, brand new little boutique hotel that is on the street behind our old apartment building  .. "old " like we lived there until yesterday.

I am easily adjusting to living in a hotel again.
I always said I would be happy just living in a hotel.
People wait on you, act happy to see you everytime they see you, you leave the room, come back, the bed is made and there are lots of puffy white towels in the baño..
They serve tea every late afternoon, there is an indoor pool, our suite looks out over the old neighbors buildings with the gardens between them and our balcony .
The bed is huge and comfortable and there is a tiny kitchenette for anyone who needs to make their own cup of tea now and then.
Best of all, everything is brand new.
I have no fear of a pipe bursting while I am here, nor do the floors squeak and I cannot hear a sound.
I'm telling you, living in a hotel is not bad at all, I always thought it was a good idea.

Tomorrow is the closing.
Then we will visit our favorite spots and say goodbye to them.
It is too difficult to say goodbye to the people we love here, our neighbors and the shopkeepers who have treated us so well for the past 6 years.
If only they would listen and come with us back to the US !

Don't cry ...Argentina, the truth is I'll never leave you, through all the wild days , the mad existence, I always loved you ... I always love you.

 black shutters
Thank you Evita for the words that come straight from my heart ~

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  1. What emotional your "good bye" is!! I'll always remember you and your fantastic posts!! I wish you and your family the best!! Muchos besos!!


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