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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Capturing Beauty

I carry a camera with me every day.
Wherever we go, I have my trusty little camera with me.
Just the past couple of years, I have about 1,000 photos in an online album.
I worry that if I sat down and started paying attention, I would see that all of the photos are of houses and streets .. no people, a dog or two, some pigeons and Pup of course but that is about it.

I am totally  , head over heels in love with the Look of this city.
I keep taking photos, hoping I can capture some small bit of the beauty of the place.
I love the buildings.

French, modern, ugly Soviet Bloc era buildings that should be torn down and something nicer put in .. but the old Spanish style homes are the ones that I love.
With courtyards and flowers spilling over walls, you have no doubt that you are definitely not in Kansas when you walk down one of these streets.

 It has been so hot, we have stayed in so much, it is sort of sad to think that the days are going by and we are not out there, spending the last weeks soaking up all the atmosphere and beauty that is Buenos Aires.
But we (I) melt after the second block.. skulking along the shady side of the street, swatting mosquitoes away , grumbling and whining..
 I am loads of fun.

But as many photos as I have of this place, I always feel that there is something I forgot to take a picture of, something I will wish I could see again, once we are gone.

Buenos Airs means good air .. to me it will always mean Beauty .. just beauty.
The skies, the clouds, the architecture, the people.. definitely the people.
Even they are better looking than some places we have been.
Must be something in the air ~


  1. Are you packing yet? Are you bringing a lot back?

  2. But not only buildings. I can see that most of them have a lot of green, trees and plants on them.


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