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Monday, December 3, 2012

Lazy Summer Days

Summer has hit.
Full blast.
Temperatures in the 80's and pure sunshine.
Freckles have been known to pop out on the arms of some people as they walk down the street, prompting those people to constantly cross the street to be sure to walk on the Shady Side.
Now and again, there is no Shady Side and then a person has to take Drastic Measures.
Walking Through the Mall.
It is sometimes a sacrifice, but Walking Through the Mall is better, cooler and safer for the skin than going down the sidewalk next to the mall, in the sunshine.
If one needs to stop and rest, the Mall has cafes and places to rest as well as shops to stand in and admire ones surroundings , while staying safe from the heat and sun .. and who knows if something might jump out and ask to be taken home ... stranger things have happened.

Walking home the other day, through the park, in the shade .. we passed dozens of birds, doves and parrots, all "grazing" in the grass , as we walked by , they just moved over, not even worried, not flying away in a panic, they just moved out of the way.
I got photos but what I really wanted was a Green Parrot.
They are so green.. big .. beautiful things. Noisy and loud but beautiful.
All sorts of exotic summer flowers are blooming, the parks are at their peak of beauty, I think.

 It will last for months before things go brown and dried up..
Summers are long here .. they are also pretty wonderful.

The skies are generally always clear and you can count the stars, they are all much closer than in some other places .. really ! and they are bigger ..
I swear it ! and they are also more white.
Cross my heart , they are !

No one is cooking at my house.
Well, yes,  the coffee maker works in the morning and now and then some bread is toasted .. but if it is not a sandwich or salad, it isn't getting made here .
There are 2 bowls of dark red cherries in the fridge.
There is a bowl of big fat strawberries.
There was a half a watermelon but someone made a pig of herself and ate most of it... swearing she would never eat again.
She lied.

Nice thing about summer here, late at night , you can take a walk and the cafes are full, tables outside, people eating and talking and laughing until well after 11-12:00 pm ..
We used to take long walks at night through the neighborhood, with Tate.
He loved the cooler temperatures and we could walk for a longer time with him. I enjoyed the quiet and the feel of walking emptier sidewalks with just my husband and the dog and the scents of cooking , wood smoke and summer air. Since Tate died, we don't take those walks anymore. Somehow, it is not the same.

Christmas is coming.
Hot summer Christmas Day.
I never got used to it .
But presents are just as fun in summer as winter ... remember that !


  1. I love hot Christmases! My mother comes from a tropical country so we try to celebrate a "summer Christmas" once a year. It means we have turkey & stuffing & all the usual European Christmas dinner things one year; then we have lobsters, shrimps and tropical fruits the next. We alternate between turkey and lobster Christmases. I think this year is turkey. :)



  2. I'd gladly exchange my cold weather for your hot days,

  3. There is beauty everywhere you look there, it seems! :) It likely makes the heat a little (or a lot) easier to deal with? Merry sunny Christmas season to you down South!


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