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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Hot Summer Day

On a hot summer day, here in Buenos Aires, we do what we used to do back in the United States.
We went to a movie.
I took  along a light sweater, and wore it .. because much like the theatres in the US, they over-air condition.
It felt great to walk out of the theatre back into the blazing hot sunshine.

There is a lot of traffic .. thank to a  Subway strike.
And along with this comes the sound of a lot of horns honking, sirens too.
I saw some very Hollywood- ready Motorcycle police and many groups of tourists, maps in hand, cameras around their necks, all looking just a bit shell-shocked, sweaty and stunned.

Buenos Aires will do that to you.
For maybe a day.
Then you start walking around with this silly grin on your face and you find yourself practicing your Spanish .. and being delighted when the locals respond with big smiles and you know they appreciated your even trying.
Not that they understood you, but they are too polite to mention that .

We saw a terrible movie.
I hate to mention the name, they don't really deserve the free publicity.
We will just say that Christopher Walken was in it and we expected better.
He was wasted in this.

We expected someone to come to the house while we were gone and to leave it in spic and span, tip top shiny clean condition and found that she did not show up.
I have decided that I have to get our keys back from her and tell her Adios y Gracias .
Yes, I know how to fire someone in Español.

I have decided to quit posting on these Online forums where people volunteer to help other people who are traveling and end up being insulted by people who think they are experts.
We all know that I am the expert around here and that unless I get the respect due to me, I will leave .. in a huff.
Picture me flouncing out of the room, tossing my hair , take that .

( Impressed ?)
No, I didn't think you would be .. I have to practice my flouncing. 

So this is early Summer in Buenos Aires.
For 2 weeks now I have been wanting to go to the area north of the city called Tigre.
I want to be near the water, see the homes on the Delta, ride in a boat , fight off man-eating mosquitoes and live to tell the tale.
But there are these Train strikes.
Even when they are not striking, I am afraid they will strike while we are away and we won't be able to get back home.
So we stay in town.
I am working on a plan, different town, closer to BA, we can take a taxi if they actually strike and we are stuck.

Which leads me to look forward to those car dealerships we will visit in the US ..


  1. Why don't you go to an Estancia instead! I went to a wonderful one a month ago called Estancia Los Dos Hermanos. It's just an hour out of central BsAs.

    Btw - what happened in the online forum? I'm a big fan of online forums because I feel like they've helped me a lot! But it's a serious downer when someone has to put on so much attitude in there - it's supposed to be an open, friendly, encouraging environment for everyone. I wish you could've given that biyotch a beating Brooklyn-style. :)

    x Milsters


  2. Oh i'd want to be near the water in big heat too! And like you, i wouldn't want to get stuck.. even on a fun trip. :) Though sometimes i daydream of a one way ticket to Paris or Madrid. Hope you're able to take a little trip to a cooler place..

  3. Mary, thank you and funny you should mention that . My husband said something just today .. along the lines of " why don't we move to Paris ".. although he wants to live in Nice, I want Paris ..but truth is , I think "home" is NY and that will be where we go.
    Tomorrow we might take a train to the Delta .. we will either have a cooler , fun time or be eaten alive by mosquitoes :)


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