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Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday, Look At This Blog

The Sartorialist 

Every day I check the Sartorialist blog .. I don't know, am I checking to see what I should wear today ? or how I should be dressed and have to work on my own style ? Or get inspiration ? Or just feel dowdy and needy of a trip to Paris or Italy ?
Whatever the reason, do go take a look at this blog .. if you have not been there before, you will be happy ... let me know ..
Meanwhile, I think I might need that handbag up there on the right .. it looks about the right size .. as does her coat .. mmmm.

photos from The Sartorialist Blog


  1. here's another blog showing street wear

  2. Yes, cigale, she is on my Blog list ! Love her :)

  3. I LOVE THIS BLOG!!! I've been following it for so many years now :)



  4. Yes! The Sartorialist is fabulous. I agree. Definite yummy eye candy.


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