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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hey Hey, We're the Tourists !

Here we come, walking down the street...
We get the funniest looks from everyone we meet.

Hey, hey, we're the tourists ...
People say we don't know our way around,

But we're too busy looking 
To put anybody down.

Hey Hey we're the tourists, and we love being in this town !!

Thank you to the Monkees for letting me mess with their song. 


  1. Very cute :)

    Is it terrible that I don't know who the Monkees are? Having grown up in Saudi Arabia for 7 years (if you can believe it), I missed out on a big chunk of Western pop culture! :)



  2. I love that bus! I remember the Monkees well. Yep, i'm 'totally' dating myself. But that's okay. I had a major crush on Davy Jones.. just like Marcia Brady did. (Yeah, i know.. i know who she was too.) This bus in the pic also reminds me of an extra large Mystery Machine! Do you know who i'm talking about there? lol


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