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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

And We Have a Whiner !

It is cold here.
Sunny and bright and cold.
I am still gimpy. I limp along on errands , eager to be out in the fresh air.
Then my leg starts to hurt, my other legs aches in sympathy and I hobble home to tea and books and the internet.
I ran my errands this morning, "ran" being the operative word ..  walked with as little limp as fast as I could.
It is both tiring and becomes painful and discouraging not to mention the sight of it depresses me.
I know that this "little" surgery, done by a plastic surgeon instead of a regular surgeon, will be the one that will have an ugly scar.
The only one of the three, that shows.
I am vain but not so vain that something like this would depress me, but added to the pain and the hobbling and the annoyance .. I am depressed.
The good news is that once I see her tomorrow, the stitches will be out and hopefully I can forget about the thing.

The other news is that there is no news .

Be glad that you are not within phone call distance.
Or that I have enough self- control, not to go on and on whining here.

So Thank you for the notes wishing me well, thank you for the little comments that cheer me up and I will be back soon with something more cheerful.

I might feel better if I can shop....

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  1. Hi Candice! I´m sorry this hasn´t been as easy as the previous ones. I can totally understand, I had plantar warts a couple of months ago. I never knew they were so painful, I was limping and hurting for almost two months, not being able to walk more than half a block when I´m used to walk everywhere made me feel miserable. I hope you get better soon so you can go back to your normal life.
    Take care! S


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