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Thursday, April 5, 2012

So... Our Home is For Sale

With much thinking and figuring and  sad/happy anticipation  and a tiny bit of apprehension ( on my part) .. we are selling our home in Buenos Aires  and moving back to New York.
We will not be in the City, we will head up along the Hudson River, a short drive or train ride from downtown Manhattan.

Which will make it a short ride to the Met and the Museum of Modern Art and Central Park and Soho and The Village and the Theatre and Metropolitan Opera House and Ballet and Family.

While we still have the energy, we want to live in a way that has eluded us until now... Life in the Country.
We want a house in the woods, with land, where I will be the only one making noise ..
I will not hear a car or a bus or a taxi or a siren at night (hopefully) and when I look out the windows, there will be green out there.. sky and green things.

We will have a car again and drive places.
Mario Andretti aka the Husband, is looking forward to driving.
I am just looking forward to sitting in the front seat !

Eventually a dog and probably a cat will come along.
What is life in the country  without a dog and a cat ?
We will have a fireplace, there needs to be a pup and a pussycat, napping by the fire.
The pup and the cat can sit with me while we watch the Husband rake leaves.
See, there is always entertainment when living in the countryside.

It doesn't need to be huge, just enough room for two people and their pets to live and grow old, to entertain family and friends and of course, rooms for family to stay , for grandbabies to play and grow and make memories of When we used to visit  grand-père and grand-mère..
Or whatever they choose to call us.
You know babies, they never name you what you expect, they will call us something like Grammy or Poppy .. I don't care, I just want them to call us !

For now though, we keep the apartment looking perfect and we go about our days as if there is no huge change about to happen.
As if there is no household to pack up again, no movers to contact and no wondering how can we leave this amazing , wonderful, beautiful place that has been our home for the past 5 years and that has made us so happy.
Why can't those kids come live here ???

And yes, I will continue blogging .. wherever we are, you can come along~


  1. Where is your apartment and what is the asking price? You know Alberto & I are often tempted to return to his home city...
    Best of luck to you with all your exciting plans.
    Hope you make a trip to New Orleans once you are back in the USA.
    xo xo

  2. How exciting. New adventures. And new furry loved ones. Lots to look forward to!

  3. I have only one word: WOW!!!

  4. Very exciting news! Another great adventure ready to begin...

  5. Looking forward to photo's of New York!

    Please ... No yellow cabs!

    Good luck finding a buyer and with the move!

  6. Mandy, I am kind of floating in a fog now, it is still quiet , the limbo before the insanity of an international move happens :)

    Mym, yeah :)

    Thank you Weekender ! Yes, another adventure !

    Symdaddy, I promise, no taxi photos.. maybe :)

  7. Candice, maybe now you can visit Boston, hint, hint.

  8. Candice, soon you'll be closer to Boston and will visit!

  9. this is huge news! i'm so excited for you!

  10. So... another adventure begins.

    I can't believe it's been 5 years but I have to agree that an international move can be so insane, but it'll be worth it.


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