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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just an Ordinary Day

Today was a mixed bag of very pleasant things to do and ordinary things to do.
But what makes it all a tiny bit more special is that after 5 years of living here, even the ordinary things that we do, seem a bit special.
Walking to the Bakery, standing in line, paying for scones that we pick out ourselves , the girl takes them from us and wraps them just so in paper and sends us to the cashier.
They have probably done this in this same way for 100 years.

Then off to the Market for produce.
Yes, supermarkets are everywhere and very nice but the pleasure of shopping for fresh from the farm that morning eggs ( some with little feather fluff still stuck on them) , avocados,  teeny tiny cherry tomatoes and whatever else looks tasty, is still very appealing to me and   one of the things that I expected to do and to enjoy when living in another country.

I like how the owners of the markets know us, always give us at least a nod of the head, or a Buenos dias when we come in.
How the boy that weighs things and puts them in bags always gives me this shy smile.
Never says anything, just the sweet smile.
We go to one market  where the owners are Chinese.
One day the owner was sitting at the register ..
If I were casting a movie, he would be a Gangster in one of those good Chinese movies with Gong Lee . He was sitting at the register, ignoring everyone, listening to the music played in the store ( Chinese of course ) and singing along with it.
He has an amazing voice, almost operatic..
I just stood there  .. listened and clapped when he was through.
He barely smiled but I know he liked it.
He tries to be a tough guy but there isn't one yet that I can't break down sooner or later ...
I get smiles from him now, even when I am not giving him applause.
I wonder if they will notice when we are gone.

We had to send a fax and we had to go to the Post Office.
In the US, this would all be done by driving to the places and having someone do it.
Here we walked a couple of blocks to the man who does faxes then to the post office where we took our number and waited.
People watching all the while.
When you don't do things by car, you see so much of the world you are in .. you look at the faces of the people you pass, the people you are dealing with , you are right there in it.
I don't know how much I will miss that or not .

We now have over a dozen scones from two different bakeries ( minus the two that  I ate while wrapping them up in saran wrap) , many avocados and a roast chicken.
I think we are set for the week with groceries ~ and scones.
Maybe we will go to the park now ~

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