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Sunday, March 18, 2012

She whines...

It's too hot , she whines, over and over as they walk ( she trudges) up the hill
( slight incline), to the top where trees shade the grass and a nice breeze blows.
You can see pretty far from there. . down the slope, past the huge avenue, across more parks , more avenues, trees, sky and beyond, the river and Uruguay.
All around are beautiful buildings, built at least 100 years ago, grande edificios with large rooms, ball rooms perhaps, salons and floor to ceiling French doors leading to terraces with large topiary lined up along the way ..
Oh , to be in Paris, she whines, same architecture, same beauty , cooler temperatures.

I didn't mean that, really, I just like to whine when it is too hot to be outdoors and too boring being indoors.

It will all be better tonight, Summer nights in Buenos Aires are the best.
Everyone is out, sitting in cafes, walking, sitting in parks, children are out with parents, and enjoying the fresh air without that South American sun beating down .
And no one whines.


  1. I can just imagine the smells and what you are experiencing in those evenings. Such luscious stuff. Here, we are windy and snow is beginning to fall again this afternoon. Not much...just enough to let me know that we are still in Winter.

  2. It all sounds so delightful and I also understand when it is extremely hot. Here in Florida at the hottest time of the summer, one must wear sleeveless and get all chores complete in early morning before sunrise. There is a 2 hr window where all strenuous work must be completed. Then take it easy in the shade and air conditioning.



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