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Friday, March 16, 2012

A Day at the Museum

We planned to go to more than 2 museums today but the heat, the walk and the general lethargy that has befallen us, kept it down to two.
We left out the Belle Artes Museum and it was just as well, since I was carrying my large handbag with camera, phone and most of my belongings ... you know, for Just In Case.
They now make you check your handbags and that was just not going to work for me  ...

First we walked through the Design Center, where many visitors were posing while someone took their photo , past many shoppers taking advantage of the sales and exchange rates and taking advantage of a couple of really good restaurants.
My favorites  Primafila and Downtown Mattias .. lunch, dinner or snack, they serve tasty food..

We went to the Palais de Glace. Built in the early 1900's,  it is a beautiful building with an interesting history ..
Today it is still round and has   continually changing exhibitions going on .
Then on to the Decorative Artes Museum.

Formerly the home of a founding father and his family, it is a wonderful building with all sorts of beautiful furniture and objects of art .
The new exhibition  is Objectos Guardados, from the Museo Nacional de Arte Oriental.

Samauri armour , swords , breathtaking works of Japanese art, watercolors, Kimonos, carved jade, you name it, they had at least one or two things you would want to take home with you.
I actually found many more than two, but that might just be me.

All in all, a good day at the Museums .

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