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Alan Cohen
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Throw it away

I read about a person who is a Hoarder and has to make decisions now about keeping things and throwing away things.
This has happened to me too many times in the past few years.
Moving from the house in the Northeast to the house in the Southeast, selling , donating and throwing away clothes and shoes and furniture and I don't remember what else, I blocked it out, it was so traumatic.

Then we moved to Oregon.
I was happy there was a car with a husband and a dog with me as well as a large truck with the rest of my belongings... minus a sofa, table, chairs and various things that the husband felt were no longer necessary ..sigh.

Strangely, we moved from a many roomed house into a larger house then into a one bedroom loft apartment and the furniture and clothing almost all fit !
By the time we had gotten to that point, my husband had left chunks of our belongings behind in each state.

Then we decided to move to Argentina.
That was not such a hard decision.
What to take and what the get rid of almost put me in a   Home for  Women Who Hoard.
The need to take Everything with me had to be partly due to the fact that we were going so far and to a place so foreign to us ..
Thank goodness, the one thing we kept with us through all those moves was Pup.
He packed up and traveled wherever we went, with an open mind and a big smile.
If only I could have learned more from him !

I need to "lighten up " this apartment.
The closets are starting to groan.
Sometimes at night when I walk past, I hear whispering, they keep asking me to please get that heavy box off that shelf.
I open the door and sometimes things fly off the shelves .. the closet gets very aggressive when I don't listen to it. . of course, I know where everything is in those closets, but then my husband might want something.
This is not his usual territory .. it takes a bit of navigating for him.

Where are the towels ? 
Top shelf on the left.

Where did you put the hammer?
Tool box, bottom shelf in the back.

Why is there a Christmas tree in the closet?
Just close the door and leave it alone.

I dream of living in a house again.
A house with closets.
Lots of closets.
Coat closets that hold only coats, hats and boots and an umbrella or two.
His and hers or better yet, my daydreams sometimes stretch into the realm of converting bedrooms next to other bedrooms into dressing room/closets.
This leads to building window seats and carpeting the dressing room  and I wake up exhausted each morning.

I have a dressing room/closet right now that keeps whispering to me when I walk by.
It reminds me of the people I see here in town who could use a nice warm coat or even just a pair of shoes.
Then it reminds me of those shoes I threw in the back of the cubby of Shoes That Don't really Fit.
I think I might listen to the closet today and do a little work in there.

My Dream Dressing Room .. actually a separate His and Hers sounds even better but I will share if I have to .. hopefully I will have more than just grey and white clothing by that time.


  1. We could all learn from our pets, my dear.

    A lightened load is a lightened heart. Hope all is well with you.


  2. I would like to be able to only worry about having my toys and bones packed and leave the rest of it to the movers, next time :)
    Besos, Pearl, all is well here ~


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