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Monday, February 27, 2012

And then the horse fell

Today was one of those days that makes me love Buenos Aires as much as I do.
Not too hot, not too cool, enough clouds that the sun never got to be too much and a nice breeze .. buen aire ..

We tossed around a few ideas of what to do today then my husband who always has the best ideas said ... Want to go to the Track?

So we got ourselves together, one of us moving slowly and having a hard time with making simple decisions about what to wear .. we got there for the second race.

It is a holiday today.
Flag day.
There were a lot of flags at the track, but I have seen none hanging outside balconies or in town, as we have in the past.
Maybe I have my holidays mixed up.
Whatever it is, everyone was at the track ..

We sat outside in the shade and had fun picking horses by which name do you like , this one is sired by a horse from the US and how about this one ? the horse is a girl and so is the jockey .
Very scientific and it takes years to perfect this formula for betting.

We did not win any races which was okay, being there ( free of charge) and having great company ( you have never seen such a crew of dashing, good looking Argentines mixed with less attractive but no less interesting looking people ).
All in great moods, laughing , slapping each other on the backs, betting and talking and don't forget, kissing each other Hello and Good-by ..
What is there not to love about being here ?

We were watching our horse not win but doing a good job of trying when the one thing that I live in fear of seeing , happened.

A horse tripped, the jockey flew over his head, the horse fell on him.
After we saw it happen, we watched and saw it again on the big screen where everything is televised and the horse just rolled right over him  .. the horse got up and was walking in circles with a stable hand and looked to be fine but the jockey lay there and did not move.
An ambulance came out, they were extremely careful putting him on the stretcher and off they went.

I keep checking the news but there is no mention of it yet .
I worry.
I hope the ground was soft enough, the worst that happened was being squashed a little but nothing broken and his back and neck are fine.

Fingers crossed.

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