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Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Day at the Museum

When our son was a baby in a stroller, he was going to museums.
Our daughter and he would be introduced to the ancient Greeks , the Impressionists and Mama's favorites and Daddys favorites.
Picasso and Monet were not strange names to my children.
When they grew older and visited other cities and countries, it was not a surprise to hear of their visits to museums .. it was not surprising when they brought home small treasures, bought from artists wherever they visited.

This past week we went to the Museum of Fine Arts ( Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes ) and enjoyed looking at the collections of families in Argentina that were donated and have their own rooms .
Many people, both visitors and locals were enjoying the new rooms, the new acquisitions and the "old" stuff too.

What was surprising ( to me ) was that while work is going on elsewhere in the museum building, nothing was being done about the artwork that was in finished rooms, but being covered in dust ..

In the room with small precious netsukes and pill boxes and treasures in a glass case, dust lay so thick enough on the glass that someone had written in it.
When I asked the guard about it, he pointed up at the location of the banging and noise of construction and shrugged his shoulders.

We visited more museums while they were here, Art and Treasures are things that are available to view here, easily and often for free.
A perfect place for this little family .. who still have a taste for a good time spent in a Museum.
I do look forward to going back to the Belle Artes, after the work is finished and the cleaning people have come in .
Otherwise, I might have to bring my own dust rag with me ~

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