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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Childless again

They are flying away, far away to where they live ...

When did it become alright for children to live so far from their parents ?
I moved from the East Coast USA to the West Coast, USA when I got out of school but that's different ... My children should have stayed closer !

When my husband and I moved here, my son was living on another continent, far far away.
Of course, we moved here and within the year, my son moved back to the USA.
So here we are ... so there they are.
My daughter too ... she moved to another state, at least she remained in the same Hemisphere !

My husband read one of those wonderful books about Benjamin Franklin and another about James Madison ... the travels they made to the New World from their Old World.

I console myself with the thought that we have iChat, email, phones, planes... those people left their families and homes and never saw them again, unless they took a very ... very long voyage that was not totally secure and safe ..

I wonder, if I lived back then, would I have ever left my village ?
Or would I have been right there with my husband ( he would have lived back then too ) , waiting in line to get on that boat for the New World.
Considering the children we have ... they might have been behind us in line too.

I am now an old woman ..
I need my children around me .. a dog , a cat, some grandchildren.. sounds nice.

They can stay and watch the house while my husband and I go to Paris.
Or visit friends here in Buenos Aires ... or come with us !

The house is so empty now .
It is so quiet now.


  1. and happily you have each other xx

  2. you certainly are NOT an old woman!!!

  3. Yes, Faye, Thank goodness for that !

    cigale, it is times like this, that I feel like a very old woman :) But thank you !


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