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Saturday, October 1, 2011

In the Spring

Margaret Atwood was quoted as saying .. "In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. "
I remember in the past, getting out there and planting bulbs and breaking our backs moving around great heavy pots of soil and flowers. Now, I have balconies with pots of flowers but my serious gardening days seem to be behind me. For now at least.
Sitting or walking in the park still hurts the tiniest bit ...
If I allow myself to think about Someone who is not with us on our walks anymore.
Someone who liked nothing better than a long walk, full of stops to sniff Everything and to explore, no leash, at his own speed.
But it was a beautiful Spring day and we enjoyed just sitting on a park bench and enjoying the fact that we were not wearing jackets and listening to the sounds of children playing, birds singing and not that much traffic noise.

It is a treat to look out the windows and see the bare trees starting to get their new greenery.
The parrots match the color of green, they are busy working on nests and you can hear the little squadrons as they fly down the street, squawking and carrying on .. our trees just have nice quiet little sparrow type birds in them.
We sat in the park , facing this, the Embassy for Spain.
A beautiful , huge building, covering about half a city block.
I was surprised there were no futbol games being played but then, Rugby is being played in another part of the world, I have a feeling, most of the people (men) here are watching television today.
Today was a lazy day, I expect tomorrow will be busier, with a welcome chat at the end of the day with loved ones back in the US.

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  1. Beautiful! Fall weather in Savannah has me gardening too. I love the smell of cut grass and dirt.


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