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Friday, September 30, 2011

If Wishes Were Horses ........

Pup loved horses.
This one was an Anheuser Busch Clydesdale .
Nice. Gentle. Huge.
We met him in Portland , Oregon.
He was fascinated by our brown , wriggling with excitement, curly- haired creature that made those warbling noises .
All Tate wanted to do was get into the trailer with him and bump noses.
Imagine ... bumping your nose with That nose !
Here in Buenos Aires, the mounted police use one of the parks that we would go to every day, to rest their horses in the shade.
The police would stand around in the shade and chat , the horses would rest, relax in the shade.
We were always welcome to come over and pet the horses.
Pup was allowed once, to go close and see the horse.
He was so excited, I thought he would pop !
The horse was curious but not disturbed.
I was not too worried about him getting kicked or anything.
The policemen laughed at him.
When he saw them outside of our home, he would stand at the door, quivering with excitement , making small noises ..
When I was a child , every Christmas I asked for a horse.
Who knew that one day, my dog and I would be in Argentina and wishing we had a horse !

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  1. THIS is so very near and dear to my heart for I LOVE and ABSOLUTELY WANT A HORSE!!!!!!! I am 53 years old and I still want AT LEAST one of those polo stick ponies with the wheel!!! BUT LOOK at that large and velvety nose. Horses have to be one of the most fascinating domesticated animals around and my husband jokingly says, "WHAT IS THIS WITH WOMEN AND HORSES?" My female students and I are always drooling over horses!



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