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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Day in the ( ex-pat) Life ....

Spring has arrived.
The days are longer, brighter and warmer. And greener.
Parrots are flying in squadrons again, squawking at each other, the leader yelling at everyone to Keep Up !
Sunday in the park, dads pushing the swings.
Moms sitting with the baby carriages and chatting with the other Moms.
Walking to cafes, sitting, talking, having coffee or food .. they really know how to enjoy their Sundays here.
We emulate them as much as possible.
I need to borrow a baby for a day though.
Anyone ?
For over a year now, the park was demolished on one side. This side.
Metal barriers that were very high so we could not see the progress, dreaded that it might not be as green and nice as it used to be.
Today was a sort of "unveiling" .. it is even prettier than it was .
Now even the old Gothic building , which got a cleaning , looks good.
They put underground parking under the park .. flowers and trees have been planted, fragrant vines .. the park is locked at night , patrolled during the day, it should stay as pretty as it is now ... or even grow prettier.

We took a long walk today, I found a few places that I might like to live.
I like to think of moving, even if our apartment is perfect.
I guess we are so used to moving after a couple of years, that it has become a habit.
Or maybe I just like to move !
But I am also enchanted with some of the architecture and want to be In those rooms, in those buildings.

Imagine having a door like this .. can you picture how tall the doorman is ?


  1. Oh I love the parrots, those noisy things!!!! They used to fly in now and then when I lived in South Florida!!!! I LOVE THAT DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was a nice break - living vicariously through your post - for me ... it's dreary and getting cooler here...xx

  2. Did you notice the jacaranda trees are starting to bloom? The best time of the year for taking pictures is about to come!

  3. Sabrina, the doors here deserve a whole book ! they are wonderful..

    Sandra, I had noticed and I am thrilled :)
    I also enjoyed the photos of your Pink trees. It is so beautiful here .

  4. Hello Candice:
    We are so delighted for you that the park has been restored to be even more attractive than before. It seems today quite commonplace to install car parks beneath parks and squares and has happened quite a lot here in Budapest. Indeed there were plans for our local square but we think that the money has run out.

    You show some wonderful images and how lovely that spring has arrived.

  5. Beautiful photos as always:) And thank you for every lovely comment on my blog! Have a great day!


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