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Thursday, October 27, 2011

An American in the Paris of South America

I used to daydream that we would move to London and live there .. Knightsbridge.
Close enough to Harrods ( Food Halls ) and a train ride away from Paris or Cornwall.
Then after a few trips to Paris, I started to adjust my daydreaming .. an apartment in Paris , Left Bank, train to London.. or Provence.
I love so much about Paris and about all things "French " ..
the Architecture is my favorite, the clothes and food and design.. the way they all take their dogs everywhere with them, even the cafes and well, you know, Everything.
We rented an apartment on our last trip to Paris, we were expecting a visit from our wandering son, on his way from India to visit us in the US .. why not meet in Paris ?
So we rented this lovely little apartment .. a couple of blocks from the Eiffel Tower and had one of the best memory making trips ever.
I keep the photos handy, I go back and remember it all fondly and I can refer to the decor in the apartment and other places if I need inspiration here at home.

Here At Home being in Argentina.
How did that happen ??
They say that Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America.

There are vague similairities but the best of them would be the architecture in some areas.The love and availability of music and dance and the influence of the French who were here in the 1800's and whose furniture ended up here when the rich Argentines went shopping .. in Paris.

So here I am .. An American in the Paris of South America ... and how lovely it is ..


  1. Be so incredible to live in an apartment with that beautiful ironwork on the windows and red geraniums overflowing the flower boxes... love the photos :) You are so lucky to live somewhere that appreciates that architecture!!! :) xx

  2. You even have Mansard roofs!
    Who knew?
    I'm going to the wrong town evidently...


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