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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lost & Found

Of the two words, Lost and Found, I much prefer Found.
Loss/lost , especially at this time, brings too much pain, too many tears.
But then, if I had not experienced Found, these 12 years since would not have been filled with so much Love and Joy and Laughter.
Which only makes the Lost hurt so much more.

So I think I just like to stick with Found !

I had 68 followers.
That thrilled me. I have seen blogs with 3,000 followers .. yep, Three Thousand people follow that blog.
Mine ... 68 people read and laughed or snorted or just yawned at my blog.
Imagine my .... I don't know if you want to call it surprise .. perhaps dismay ? how about consternation ? when I looked one day last week and saw that there are 66 followers on my blog.
Where did those last 2 go ??
What was it that made them not only quit reading but go to the trouble of taking themselves off my Followers list ?
Was it something I said ?
Something I didn't say ?
Did I talk about the Pup and Loss too much and here they were hoping for some Tango and Steak chat ?

Perhaps it is the way of the Blog World.. some people come and some go .
Kinda like Life.
But I think if someone gets to the point of wanting to De-Follow on any blog, it might be nice if they sent the Blogger a note and said ( NICELY) the reason for leaving .. it might be helpful.. it would certainly solve any mysteries that some Bloggers might start building in their imaginations.
So if you find yourself Lost in my blog, loving the photos, the stories and want to tell me, please do.
And if you find yourself Hating the stories or the photos and want to Un Follow, would you please tell me also ?

In the meantime, I have been Lost in my new world of Tumblr and enjoying the photography.
I share mine, they share theirs, it is all very nice and time passes too quickly when you are there.
So visit there too if you Find the Time ~


  1. I de-followed about 200 blogs a few months ago. I only followed them in order to get them to follow me back and then I thought that was shallow and not me. No I kept only the ones I read. I also eliminated my follower thingy on my sidebar because I fretted when I lost one. I think even though I had over 400, realistically maybe only 12-20 actually read it and comment. The ones I read I put on my blogroll now because that is now I read them, not google reader. I bet the 2 that left signed up to get a reciprocal follow, or they cleaned up their google reader from 500 blogs and had to let your go. You have readers who enjoy it. Do not take it personally. The ones who stay do so because they enjoy it. You are very emotional now and little things are bound to upset you.

  2. I enjoy your blog very much, do not fret. I liked your previous post about living in a house. When grieving it is best to not make big decisions. I find when in a deep emotional state of loss it is good to do something positive in memory of the one you are mourning. Again I have to say the music you have going here is delightful. All the best.

  3. Thank you Razmataz, I will follow your advice.
    Thank you P.K. .. I am so glad the music pleases you !
    I have to add some more songs .. I found more today that is so great :)

  4. "I Will Follow You" with apologies to Little Peggy March. I love the photos, the music and the stories.

  5. Thank you Anony, now I have that tune stuck in my head :)
    besos ..

  6. I'm a follower and I'll always be a follower. I love to read about your life.

  7. remember it's not the numbers but the quality.
    concentrate on those that admire you, Forget the negatives.

    Pastis's mother

  8. Oh, Mym, you have always been so kind ! Love you.
    Pastis's mother, thank you , you are right .. besos to Pastis and to you.


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