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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A House Might Be Nice

Behind the gates, behind the great , carved wooden doors, there is a world that I would love to see.
I live in an apartment building, 10 apartments in an old mansion.
Two to a floor.
We see our neighbors, we hear our neighbors ( only sometimes and not too loudly, thank goodness) but we have neighbors under us and over us.
My new fantasy is to live in a house here in Buenos Aires.
A single family, unattached house.
A Casa to call our own.

Why ? I don't want to hear my neighbors ... ever.
There are times that I just don't want to see people , when I walk in or out of the building.
I want to just go about my business without having to say hello, goodbye or to get sympathy for our loss.
I pretend as often as possible, that there is no loss.
That he is just not right here, he will be back soon.
I don't want a sweet and solicitous neighbor reminding me that he is gone forever.

I would like to have a backyard.
I would like a fountain or small pool.. Spanish style.
I like gates.
I would probably make an excellent Recluse.
I have all the qualifications.

We would not be lonely. I could garden and there would be birds.
A neighbors cat might drop by for a bit of lolling in my garden where the sun shines just so, in the afternoon.
My family could visit and stay here with room to spare.
We would have a barbecue grill in the back, or as they are called here, a Parilla .
We would have family cook-outs South American style.

Tango music would play late at night and we would not worry about any neighbors.

Yes, I think if I plan to stay here for a long long time, like Forever, a house might be nice.

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  1. Oh I would love to visit Buenos Aires! It sounds like an amazing place. One of my old friends lives there. His name is Santiago O'Donnell. He's a journalist.

    I'm sending you warm wishes for finding a beautiful house, like something from an Isabel Allende novel!



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