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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Missing .... the ocean

Know how long it has been since I have seen the ocean ?
Me, the little girl who played on the beach in San Diego , the girl who got sunburned on the beach in North Carolina, the girl who hung out on the beaches of Malibu, the woman who spent summers on Fire Island , the woman who whiled away the hot months in Montauk , the person who drove all the way from downtown Portland to Cannon Beach, Oregon for the day, just to see the ocean !!

It has been over 4 years.
It is like a dream, I remember it smells good, I remember the sound and the way your lips are salty when you kiss on a beach .. so that is good, at least I have good memories.
But really, this is Ridiculous !
I need to get me to a beach .. soon ..

In the meantime, it is freezing cold .. or at least I am freezing , but the sun is shining, Recoleta is being spruced up with the parks and gardens getting new flowers, paint on buildings and a new Cinema is being finished nearby.
If only I were not such an impatient person .. I want it all now.

Pup is doing great. He went with us today on the walk to the park, which turned into a walk to the French bakery, the fish store, the market and now .... he is busy napping.

All in all, a good day... but I still miss the Ocean !


  1. oh my goodness i know what you mean that looks so perfect ttooo it tooo hot n humid here i could certainly do with a dip Love the music it will soon be Spring Candice !! love fay xx

  2. Thank you Fay ! I am happy you like the music...Yes, spring will be here, eventually .. my fingers are stiff with cold .. imagine something Dickensian .. :) brrrr,,,,

  3. I was born in a small fishing village in the north east of England and spent many a day on the beach.

    The North sea is notoriously violent at times and the northern end of our village was constantly under water when the winter storms came.

    I don't miss it. I was never a water-baby. All I ever did on the beach was make sand castles or irritate the hell out of other people by kicking my football (and sand) all over heir picnic's.

    But if the ocean, if you'll excuse the pun, is what floats your boat, then I hope you get there ASAP.

    Sym sends his regards to 'Pup'.

  4. the ocean is such a treat. I love it too. Glad pup is doing well.

  5. Symdaddy, I was born near the Pacific Ocean and spent my early days on beaches, in the US and in Hawaii... it must have affected me in some way. It has always seemed "right" to have a beach nearby .
    But I do get seasick :)
    Besos to Sym !

  6. razmataz, You need to live near a beach :D

  7. I'm so glad to live nearby the ocean (1 hr drive). We often go for the day, both summer and winter.
    I hope you get to go very soon, C~.


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