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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Coming to Buenos Aires ...

Eric Clapton

Ringo Starr

Bobby McFerrin

Tears for Fears

Red Hot Chili Peppers

and ....
wait for it ....

Megadeath !!

Have all my latent musical head banging genes come forth ?
I just have such fond memories of the days when my kids were listening to this music and actually years before that, I was listening to the Beatles and then Bobby McFerrin and Eric Clapton and now .... they are going to be in Argentina .
I know they have had Madonna here and Ozzie Osbourn was here not long ago... saw him at the cafe.
But reading this list of who will be here, made me wish my kids were here ...
I sort of miss the days when they would stay in their rooms and I would have to knock , be allowed in, then get to talk to them for a minute.
Sometimes I would sit on the bed and listen to something my son particularly liked ..
Never mind that he went on to have a job traveling and working with a band that had shows all over Europe and the United States and of course, this did nothing to convince him that he should stay home , near Mom and Dad and work and live ...
Nooooo, he had to see the world.
And so he did.
My daughter was more interested in the music and cute boys . That sort of thing.
At least she didn't run off with the band ~

Maybe if I tell them about these bands coming, they will come visit ..
I mean, really, Buenos Aires And Megadeath ?
oh, yeah, and Mom and Dad .

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