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But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

July .. Winter .. Confused ?

It is, at times like this, that I feel so very far away.
Away from "home", family and things that have been a part of our lives since birth.
Like the 4th of July.
Of course, July has a 4th in it here too, but it is just another day. Actually, here ... the big day is the 9th of July.
9 de Julio- Independence Day !
There will be fireworks and everyone will celebrate but it is cold. It is a very cold winter so far. I think records are being broken, even as I type.
We have had no snow but I don't think it would take much for it to happen, just a little humidity. Sure puts the kabosh on any thoughts of a barbeque ! a family picnic ! sitting out in the park watching the fireworks !
Better idea , sitting around the candlelit table and making a toast to Argentina !

Certain members of the household are just happy they are up and out in the fresh air and able to have a little fun. Even with a bandage , it is still fun to go to the park, (if only mama would stop taking pictures every single minute !! and the ladies in the park come and give away free kisses and sometimes people want to give food, but of course, mama puts a stop to that too ! )

I play with the idea of moving once in a while.
I want more views, more green outside the windows and I would love it if I could not hear traffic so well.
I have some buildings picked out but who knows if anyone will ever move out and if the apartments are affordable .. real estate is not a bargain here.
I bounce between wanting another French style building with the super high ceilings and all the molding , to wanting something modern and new and loft-like.
Then I see a house in the New York Times and wonder how I might like living in the woods in a Center hall Colonial.
We are about to have elections here again.
The mayor ( I like him) has put more police on the streets, especially in areas in town where tourists visit or where crime is just out of hand. I see more police each day and this is a good thing.
It is so cold. Our little heater in the bathroom is great, I might run out and buy a few more just to feel secure.
Monday the heater repair man will be here.
Then I am going coat shopping.
Of course, I used to see coats all the time, but didn't think about needing one, now I want one and cannot find anything I like.
I found something, it is from Italy, I have to go back Monday and try it on, will I still love it ? or was it a momentary affection ? We will see.
I would rather be shopping for boots or a new handbag.
Do I want an Orange bag ? Do I want a Blue bag ? these are the decisions I need to make.
Yes, important decisions are my speciality.


  1. I'd go for an orange bag. I saw some fabulous ones, and was extremely tempted.

  2. I have one orange bag that I consider a Summer bag.
    Now I am thinking of going all wild and crazy and carrying one in Winter.. :)
    I will most likely end up with Black or Olive/Khaki .. my wild and crazy side will be overwhelmed by my sedate/practical side.


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