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Friday, July 1, 2011

Freezing , Films , Food, Fin de Semana

It is freezing here ! I can't feel my nose ! or my toes .. Dr Seuss would have said the same thing if he was here.

We went to see the Woody Allen movie, Midnight in Paris.
It might be considered a mistake by some ... now I cannot stop thinking about Paris... living in Paris ... the food.. the city .. the style .
The scenes of the Flea Market made me groan.
The shots of those cobbled streets in Montmarte made me want to dash out and start packing.

Then we came home to a lonely Pup and we scurried down to the park .. where we were so cold that even Pup was anxious to get home.

We had to go out to buy a space heater for the bathroom until the repairman comes.
It never fails, your heater will fail on the coldest night or week of the century.
We got something that looks and feels quite flimsy but the thing heats up instantly!
We have to be sure we don't melt the toilet or something.

I guess the weekend will be spent indoors, as much as possible, with brief dashes to the park with Pup and perhaps a wee bit of shopping and maybe dinner out .. although I really do like to cook when it is very cold.
All of those recipes for Warm You Up dinners that I have saved from living in the Northeast US ..
Or we will just go to our favorite bistros and cafes and have hot soup with an egg in it, followed by pasta putanesca or some fresh fish .. or just while away an afternoon reading La Nacion ( it takes all afternoon to be able to read an article in Spanish for us ), drinking cups of hot strong cafe con leche with little manzana crumbles ..

It had better not stay cold too long, my clothes will mysteriously grow smaller.


  1. At least it is not snowing. Keep warm!

  2. Shhhh ... it is supposed to get more humid and the temps are still low enough for snow. Although, it would be a huge exciting event here.. it snowed once in 97 years :)


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