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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shopping - Boxing, Same thing

Today is a cold day. Brrr cold. Puffy coats, scarves and mittens cold. So after taking Pup to the vet for another of our daily check ups .. a quick walk to the park then home to let Pup nap , we went shopping !
On a day like this, there is no better place to shop than Patio Bullrich.. mall extraordinaire ~
I had my little spree, a bit of good luck that a few things actually fit perfectly and decided that we should keep an eye out for 1- a new coat 2- new boots 3- a handbag.
I tried on a puffy coat but it was almost white and I felt too much like the Michelin man/woman.
I did see a bag, but at this point, it was time to get home to the Pup.
But I might go back for that bag.. army green canvas with a lot of butter soft brown leather straps and handles and doodads .. I gotta have it.
Some bags don't really sink in until you are home, then you realize you have to go back tomorrow and grab it. Then you lie in bed and worry that someone came in the store right after you and they grabbed it instead.
Life is so uncertain !
So walking through the mall, I was dallying as I checked out the mannequins in the windows, imagining Me in that outfit .. my favorite was jeans, boots and a cute top with a "Chanel" style jacket over it all in pink. I would get it in black .. I might have to go look at that again tomorrow too ..
Coming towards us in the mall was a sight that caught my eye.
A very large, very very muscular man, in a tee shirt and shorts.
It is cold out.
Behind him were a bunch of men in suits and overcoats .. big men .. like tanks in suits. Bodyguard types. At least they have sense to wear a coat !
Even if he were not dressed so out of season, no one would have not noticed who he was ...
He is huge by the way, h u g e.

Evander Holyfield


  1. Hi Candice! Are you sure it was Evander Holyfield? Wasn't it Mike Tyson, who is participating in an Argentine TV show at the moment (the equivalent to Dancing with the stars)??

  2. No, It was Evander Holyfield.
    He is here for something related to fighting.


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