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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hand cream, vet visits and volcanic ash.

Today was the day that I had planned to buy a load of good smelling soaps and lotions and this and that from L'Occitane.
I was given a sample of the Almond Milk Hand Creme and fell in love with the scent .. it is addictive !!
But upon arrival at the L'Occitane here in Buenos Aires, I found out that a jar of hand cream that is only about $40 in USD would cost me about $100 dollars here.
I like the scent but not that much .. So I contented myself with buying honey soap and cinnamon spice soap.
My hands will just have to adjust to Jergens or something .

What is a morning without a quick trip ( emergency !!) to the vet?
It seems that the Thing growing on Pups leg, decided to pop .. in two different places.
I can only imagine how painful it was for him.
After spending quite a bit of time, sitting on the floor with him and the vet and her assistant ( who got to stand ) , he is medicated, bandaged and got a shot and a new pretty blue and white bandage.
Tomorrow morning we go back for the vet to check it. What is a day without a vet visit ? I don't remember.
Neither does Pup but he told me he would like to try it and find out.

It is cold. Winter is here.
I actually shivered and had to hurry home to put on the big ugly fleece clothes that I brought from the Northeast US and never thought I would need down here.
I am soooo thankful I brought them !
I am so hopeful no one here sees me in them !!
They are about 3 sizes too large on me but they are warm, so there.

I have hopes for more shopping this week, coupled with a visit to one of my favorite parrillas that serves this amazing soup.
I have no idea what is in the soup, other than a freshly cracked egg that cooks in the soup at the table.
I wait for winter to come so I can eat there and have that soup !
They also make a pretty wonderful garlic soup.. for anyone brave enough. Or secure enough.

We might get a bit of Ash from the Volcano in Chile.
I am wondering if the fact that we woke to a bright, sunny, blue- skied day, that turned grey and cloudy, is in fact, the ash. Or does it just sift down and powder everything while the sun shines?
This happens to be the first time we have ever lived this close ( and that isn't that close) to a Volcano.
( if you don't count when I was a kid and lived in Hawaii... but who remembers things like that??)
I never thought I would be wondering about volcanic ash either.. see, become an expat, life changes!

Time for tea .. mini chocolate croissants were bought at the Boulangerie L'epi .. Per fect o.


  1. Poor pup...he's been through a lot...and you too of course. I know I always worried sick when my dogs were ill.

  2. It is like having a child at home again ..

  3. We also had an emergency trip to the 24 hour Vet late last night for our standard poodle, Bodhi. We couldn't figure out what was happening with him. He seemed to stumble and fall over for not apparent reason. The Vet tech was mystified too so we just brought him home and watched him. Nothing more happening today so we are stumped. But thankful that he seems fine. It scares us to death to think of something happening to him. He is such a sweet boy.

  4. Oh dear, I hope Bodhi was just having "a moment" and it never happens again!
    Pup is elderly, as much as he is silly and foolish and adorable, he is an old man so these things, we are told, come with old age too. None of it makes me feel any better and I just want him to live forever .. with no pain. So far I can't seem to find the way for that to happen :) So he will at least live with the most love and comfort possible as long as he can.


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