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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Walkin' the Dog

First let me say, I am my own dog walker. Or my husband is. No one else.
This ... is the Bad Dog Walker.

He tied those dogs to the railing in front of that window, ( dogs began to bark) then proceeded down the street to a sandwich shop where he stood in line ( dogs barked) , he chatted with the people in line ( dogs barked), then the doctor whose window the dogs were tied to .. which is the window of a hospital, came out and went looking for the bad dog walker.
The dogs continued to bark.
The doctor said something, the bad dog walker came running.
Next time I have a problem with a workman that doesn't show up, I am telling the doctor, get him to call them. yeah.
Then we got to listen to the noise just a little longer because he couldn't get the tangled leashes untangled. The dogs finally quieted down, possibly because they were strangled by the tangled leashes at that point, but then he took off down the street to the park with them.
The only justice in this story is that he had to leave before he ordered his food. Serves him right. grumble grumble.

Today I saw a man with these amazing dreadlocks, way down his back .. with at least, probably more than a dozen dogs on leashes.
What was cool about this one was that every dog was quiet.. they seemed to appreciate the walker and each other.
They were also some very beautiful large dogs. A Black Turveren .. know them ? picture a pointy faced wolf, all black, long hair. Size of a German Shepherd..
I am considering getting one .. it will do the opposite of Pup, scare people away.
Pup and I walk down the street and the people come to us !
Then there is the man who walks a lot of dogs, but they all seem related and they follow him like lambs. Big lambs.
His own dog runs ahead of the pack, looking back all the time, making sure the team is following him ! He is the Good Dog Walker.

I sat on a bench,Pup was sitting by the bench , we were alone for approximately 3 seconds when a couple of tourists came along and asked if they could take a photo of him.
A few minutes later, a little old lady wanted to pet him. .
Then the rest of the dog loving world came along and talked to me, to him and we had to get up and walk some more.
I vanted to be alone !

Maybe I should be like the lady I see sometimes who walks only poodles.
I don't know if they are hers or if it is her job.
Whatever, she is the only one that makes me fall down laughing.
Walking down the street, with a pack of little white poodles at her feet.. priceless.
I don't know, some little dogs don't seem so eager to hang out with Pup.
Maybe we had better keep it the way things are now, Just the Three of Us.


  1. Hello:
    We are not totally sure about the principle of having a dog walker. In most cases, we feel, that a pet is a personal responsibility and if owners do not have the time, or inclination, to give them what they need, then possibly they should not have them.

    This could NEVER be said of Pup who must be the most loved and cherished dog in the whole world! Lucky Pup to have you, and you to have him.

  2. I just love your adorable. When we take our two (afghans) for their walk, I am always amazed how different people react. mostly people reach out and touch them - almost automatic, I guess it is a natural reaction to want to touch their long silky hair...then others who will cross the road before we reach them out of fear...interesting.
    guess you are also having cooler weather like we at the moment..even raining here on and off.
    hugs Colette ~ Afrique du Sud

  3. Jane & Lance, I agree. If you work, why get a dog ? We got Pup when we knew that we were both good with the idea of sharing our lives with him. I don't trust anyone with him, we have had our own bad experiences and those were in the US .. I would die of worry if I left him with someone here.

    Colette, Thank you :)
    Ahhh, Afghans, they are soooo beautiful ! I would do the same, reaching out and touching. I have always been that person who touches, I think I am lucky, I have never had a bad experience.
    I feel bad for people who draw back, cringe when a dog gets close..
    Sunny warm day here in Buenos Aires !

  4. I know lots of people who work and have dogs and have a dog walker. Just like lots of people I know who have children and have to work and that's why they invented daycare and nanny's.

    Anyhow, I also know lots dog walkers who dogs bark:) Barking is what a dog does as we know to communicate, much like kids are loud outside, expressing themselves so are dogs.

    I think however if I were a dog walker I would make sure that I had gone to the restroom, eaten a meal, and taken care of all of my personal stuff before I began to walk the dogs I was hired to walk. People don't hire dog walkers to go stand in line to buy sandwiches, or visit with other people while they are working. Dog walkers should focus on the task at hand which is exercising and walking their charges.

    Your pooch is just darling:)

  5. Just like there are babysitters who park the children in front of the tv all day, there are dog walkers who tie the dogs to trees, fences etc and go take a nap, read a book, visit friends etc.
    There are parks that all you see are dogs tied to various trees and fences and no humans around... they are all having coffee somewhere and ignoring their jobs .. but will get paid anyway.
    These dogs were so tangled in their leashes that it was a wonder they were not quiet from strangulation. I have also seen them tied to trees next to the curb where a dog will end up half in the street.

  6. I'm so happy pup is doing so well! Loved this post- good/bad dog walker!! too funny. I wish the owners of the bad one could see him in action... poor pups.
    Ella "looks" like she could be unfriendly until she breaks into the "I'm sooooo happy to see you I'm going to wiggle" mode and then it's all over! Yesterday I told Dan after an outing that we should wipe Ella down with a disinfectant cloth for all the people who petted her!!
    maybe you could teach pup to growl on command?!!!

  7. Hi, just found your blog through Sophia's Scotland blog. I was in Buenos Aires recently and am now considering going back (for 6 months, maybe longer). Your description of the dog walkers is hilarious -- and so apt. I wonder how much they earn for each dog...

  8. for the love of a house .. I know, I always wish I could send the owners photos of what is really going on.
    Sorry, I have seen Ella's face and she doesn't scare me ! :) Pup is another one, he might be large but the biggest danger is him loving you to death when you walk in the door.

    Cheryl , what fun, you are coming back for longer !
    I have no idea how much the earn but something tells me it is more than they deserve .. anyone can walk down to the park, tied a dog to a tree and take a nap ! :)
    chau ! Thank you for your comment, don't you just love Sophia's blog ? ! I want to go to Scotland so much !


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