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Monday, April 25, 2011

Drifting into Autumn

We are drifting into Autumn, my favorite season. Having spent most of my life in New York, I am partial to that sort of Autumn, with trees turning color, taking drives to the mountains and enjoying apple picking, falling leaves and sitting by a fire at night.
Here we have leaves that dry up, get brown and fall. The nights are chilly and you can smell the smoke of a thousand parrillas ( barbecues) so it is similar, but not the same.

But I still feel invigorated by the cooler days and I sleep like a baby with comforters rather than the noise of an air conditioner.. although I do admit, I missed the sound for the first couple of nights. That hum that drowned out the sound of cars, horns and sirens, city noises that I grow tired of.

Pup is so much better. He is silly again. He plays with his toys and drags around his blanket.
He spends more time in the parks sniffing around , instead of just lying in the grass and watching.
He has his spark back... and I am at ease.

With the fall weather comes the need to buy new clothes for the season. Outings to shops in the neighborhood, plenty of window licking and then a trip or two to a mall .. all on the calendar.

This week I get to see the surgeon and get the All's Clear. So far, so good.

Our friends are here, they will be here for months but we have not seen them yet and I am looking forward to eating somewhere new, laughing and talking and getting social again.

Concert season is starting soon too, just a few blocks from my home, the National Orchestra will play fabulous classical music. We will sit in these comfortable, large , red velvet seats under soaring ceilings with a huge stage packed with musicians and be transported by Mozart and Berlioz and Tchaikovsky to name just a few. I can't wait !
Then walking back from the concert, hanging on to that residual magic of the music still floating through our heads, we will stop somewhere for dinner.

It is a good time of year, I am going to enjoy it.


  1. Hello:
    How wonderful all of this sounds and we are so pleased that you are anticipating autumn, even winter, with such obvious pleasure.

    It is, indeed, great fun to meet up with friends, to attend concerts, and to go to restaurants - these are the kinds of things which are so life enhancing. But, as you say, to be healthy comes above all else.

  2. Here I am enjoying a gorgeous spring day in my home...and suddenly I want to be in Buenos Aires to walk with you to the concerts and sit in the park watching Pup be silly.

  3. So happy that Pup is dong better....such a worry when our pets aren;t well.

  4. Jane & Lance.. yes, good health comes above all else. And chocolate.
    Anony, I wish you were here too .. add shopping to the list of things we would do.
    Razmataz, yep .. I am so much lighter, happier, relieved now that he is his old silly self again.


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