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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Home Away From Home

Today we went to the vet and got Pup all of his medicines. He will be taking pills for about 10 days. Happily, he is a good pill taker. Just hide it in a bit of peanut butter or wrap it in some chicken skin and it is gone in one gulp! And he smiles at me and asks for more, please.

He is still tired and lying around a lot but I have great hopes that day by day, he will perk up more.

I would like to mention this, because somewhere out there, there might be someone who will have this happen to them. ..
We ran into two ex-pats that we met here a couple of years ago. They were nice enough but we didn't really like them and did not do anything to further a friendship with them.
We hardly ever see them, if we do it is on the street.
So imagine our bad luck to run into them on the street with Pup as we left the vets this morning.
When we told them about Pup and his being ill, their response was sympathy ( nice) , asking who the vet was ( typical) and then telling us how bad our vet was ( rude and stupid)..
I immediately said we like her and we are happy with her and they offered to give us the name of their vet ! ( ignorant jerks) ...
We could not get rid of them fast enough and only hope that our good luck will hold out and we will not see them again ... ever.
So my advice to you, if you know someone like this, don't stop when you see them, keep walking, just smile and wave and say something like, Hi ! Gotta go ! and keep moving !

In other news .. the weather has turned into late Summer /early Fall and oh, so beautiful.
The days are sunny, dry and warm with a cool breeze.
Sweaters are being worn ! yay!
At night it is chilly, no air conditioning is needed and a light blanket on the bed is appreciated.

I intend to hover over Pup and nurse him and love him and when Monday comes along, my husband and I are going Shopping. Long overdue Shopping.
There are shoes out there, waiting for me. Boots and sweaters and probably a jacket.
And I really would not be surprised it a purse found it's way into my closet ..

Living in another country takes some getting used to. Language most of all.
Being a stranger in a strange land has its good and bad points.
I think for us, missing loved ones and old friends is the main bad point.
Language difficulties add to the feeling of isolation, even when you sort of speak the language.
But living at the Bottom of the World brings a whole new set of Strangeness to our lives that we never really considered.

You are getting over a long cold winter, you are thrilled to see buds on the trees, flowers peeking out of the ground, a slight warming to the afternoon sun.
We are seeing more dry leaves on the ground, the nights are cool and crisp and you can just feel and smell, Autumn in the air.
I am looking forward to winter .. but there is no Christmas.
That happens in the middle of the Summer.

So as some ex-pats might tend to do, we grow nostalgic for familiar things at this time of year.
I am not wishing it were Spring, in April but if it is Fall , I am wishing I were in New York State where we used to go apple picking and we would stay in an Inn in a charming little town and picnic on the grounds of a mansion overlooking the Hudson River.
Some people fly back and forth from here to "home" and back. We have not done this.
Pup cannot fly, no one is staying in our home, that is that.

We are fine with it but it does make a person feel much more Away from Home, no matter how At Home we are.
Thank goodness the people here are so nice, and warm and loving.
They ease the homesickness and comfort without knowing it, just with their smiles and kind words... even when I don't know the words, you can't miss the meaning.

I wish you a lovely Spring day, besos y abrazos ~ ( see, I habla Español )


  1. Dealing with know-it-all, negative, arrogant people is so draining and frustrating...sometimes running away is all you can do to preserve your sanity.
    I can't even imagine the homesickness one gets moving to another country...I moved to another state and that's been have such a wonderful attitude towards it all...and of course, Pup presence compensates for much and brings such loving comfort...glad he's doing so well!
    xo J~

  2. Thank you J ! Yes, dealing with rude stupid people can be so tiresome. Especially when one is already a bit stressed.
    We went to the park and Pup had a good time sniffing every blade of grass so he seems to be getting back some of his energy ..
    We are having a storm right now and happy to be tucked in at home.
    besos <3

  3. sweet, sweet, handsome Tate!! We've been so crazy here I haven't visited in weeks. Sooo sorry to hear that he hasn't been feeling well, but sound like he is on the mend! For that I am happy, as I know his mum is too! I send a kisss and Ella sends a big wag.
    This post was soulful. I can relate to the rude people. So sorry you had to experience this at such a bad time- it's always a bad time, but worse when your pup is not well.
    I am thinking of you and your husband and Tate.

  4. De esa nostalgia por tierras lejanas está hecho el tango, la música de Buenos Aires...try to listen some Astor Piazolla music and you will see what I mean.


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