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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good News !

Pup feels better. He got a new toy. It even says it is a Toy, in case Pup can read.
He was not so sure about it so it is in the wash right now and he keeps asking me about it. Right this moment, he is lying outside the door ... why not just come in ? with his blanket draped across him.. picture that walking through your house !
The vet called later this evening and told us that he is anemic and needs antibiotics. She will give him his medicines tomorrow and she and I both had one of those relieved, almost crying laughing fits. I love this vet.
Today we went to the park for fresh air and sunshine.
Notice, he is smiling, he feels better .
There are signs of autumn in the parks, dry leaves litter the ground, the trees that bloom in fall are covered in buds, Magnolia trees are heavy with buds. The parrots are even more noisy and crazy with the nest building and decorating and Mrs Parrot screeching at Mr Parrot that it is still too small, we need more room !
All is calm and happy in our nest, Pup is going to be fine, all is right with the world.
Many many thanks to those of you who have written and commented with your concern and sweet words. They mean the world to me .... and to Pup.


  1. Yay!!! Such good news.
    Happy getting better Pup, love your new toy!
    xo J~

  2. Soooo happy that Pup is feeling better.

  3. Thank you !! Pup is ignoring his toy now and dragging around a ragged little thing he has had for years. I think there is a message there but I am too tired to figure it out :)

    He is on meds now for 10 days, I expect only improvement.
    He sees the doctor again on Mon.


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