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Alan Cohen
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a wish for Happy Days

We are all fine here. Pup has his leg bandaged and the vet has put him on super duper drugs to get the infection and keep him from getting an abscess.
My mission is to keep it covered, bandages, elastic bandages, tape , so he won't remove everything and lick it into a Bad Thing.
The weather has improved. We slept without A/C for the first time in months last night.
It was so quiet ! I had trouble going to sleep without that hum.
I have a cold , trying to keep the cough from turning into something else.
I spend my days inside reading about Japan and grieving for the people.
I try to get outside as much as possible so I won't sit inside, reading the news online or watching the horrible pictures on the news on the television.

Our relatives will be here Friday !
Happy days and lots of eating and laughing and talking are on the way.

I wish the same thing for Japan. A return to happy days .. My thoughts and prayers continue for the lovely people of Japan.


24 Corners said...

Your posts, thoughts and care for Japan has been so touching. Healing thoughts and prayers are being sent to them constantly.
I hope Pup's leg will be better soon...and your's will be taken care of easily and quickly!
Feel well...
xo J~

Fay said...

hello Candice and Pup
all your posts are lovely it so sad isnt it
have a great time with your family it getting warm ere couldnt sleep last night !! a presto Fay xxx

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