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Friday, February 18, 2011

A walk in a Cemetery

Sometimes, someone near and dear to me will tease me about being a bit ghoulish.
I like Cemeteries. Not just any but those with History to them.
I like the Cemetery in New York State, outside of Rhinebeck, with tomb stones from the 1700's , families that came and settled and often died shortly after.
The above photograph was taken at the Cemetery here in Buenos Aires, Recoleta Cemetery.
Many of Argentina's notable persons are buried there.
There are many fascinating stories about the people and often about their deaths.
There is one crypt that is all glass.
The young woman buried, was not dead, the Cemetery workers heard sounds, when they finally opened the coffin , they found signs of the young girl who woke in the coffin.
Her grief stricken mother had her interred in an all glass crypt so she would not be closed up in a coffin again.

When we were in Paris, we went to Père Lachaise Cemetery and I enjoyed the beauty of the place, the ornate sculptures and tombs, the final resting places of Piaf, John Pierre Aumont, Balzac, Sarah Bernhardt , Collette, Marcel Marceau, Edmond James de Rothschild, Gertrude Stein and Oscar Wilde and so many more .. there are over 300,000 people buried there .
The grave stones are worthy of museums, many amazing works of art.
Oscar Wilde lies here. See all the lipstick/kiss marks?
This is Elisa Hodgson, who wrote " The Secret Garden" .

If you visit here , in Buenos Aires, do go to the Recoleta Cemetery and wander and marvel at the beauty of the final resting places of the people there .. and if you are in Paris, do go to Pere LaChaise .. I won't call you a ghoul ~

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  1. oh, I don't find you ghoulish at all. I even remember as a child thinking that cemeteries were very peaceful, soulful places. We have fabulous old cememteries here and close by. In fact last Spring it was Dan's first trip (Ella and I had been there several times) to our closest, and we made some cocktails and walked the cemetery reading the names, and the stories and toasted to our long-ago neighbors. It was lovely.
    In another cemetery we even have a famous ghost... a group from Harvard has been out to study her!



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