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Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Green Day

Things are pretty green around here. The parks are in their late summer green, the grass was just watered by late night storms so it should be greener and there are green parrots in the parks, flying in little squadrons of 8 at a time. Always squabbling as they go overhead.
The days have been so warm ... hot , that once in the park, the only thing that is really comfortable is to sit on a bench in the shade of one of the huge trees, or bring a chair and sit in the shade. I never did get a chair for this summer.. it was too hot anyway.
I look up a lot here. There is a lot to see up there. Aside from the parrots and hummingbirds and all kinds of birds and huge flowers and small sweet smelling flowers, there is the art that the trees make , against the blue sky.
Today seemed to be an especially Green day .. I will appreciate it more this Winter when things are bare and there is not a lot of color to be found in the park. Except for those parrots.


  1. Green. And blue. And that bright warm light -- that's the sun, isn't it?!

    We have the sun up here, too, but its light is thin at this time of year (but gains strength daily).


  2. I envy you!

    Sunny days and greenery are distant memories!

  3. Yes, Pearl, it is the Sun. Ask my dermatologist !

    Symdaddy, your sunny days will return .. kisses to Sym ..


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