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Monday, February 21, 2011

The View

So , how is the view from your home ? Do you see trees? Flowers ? Other homes ? Nothing but hills, sky , ocean, fields ?
We see the apartments across the street.
Luckily, the apartment buildings are old and beautiful. We have a nice Plane tree outside the window. It often helps me pretend I am in Paris.
I like the view right now, but in winter, with no greenery, it can be a bit dreary, even if the buildings are beautiful.

I daydream of homes with views. Not so much about the interiors but what you can see from the windows.
If I were in Paris, it would most likely be all about the Eiffel Tower.

When I was in NY, it was the back of the building, so there was a garden and space and air between Us and the neighboring buildings. I could see sky. That was enough for me, then.

When I lived in California, my home was on a hill.
I could see the Hollywood sign from my kitchen window, I could see the neighbors lemon trees from my living room window, I could see the roses outside my bedroom window.

When I lived in Portland , Oregon, I could see Whole Foods, I could see Mt Hood and I could see the West Hills of Portland, I could see Rainbows .

I am starting to think I need a change of views.


  1. When I lived in Germany I looked out onto open farm land rolling away towards the Teutoburger Wald (

    Now all I see is brickwork and one palm tree that has seen better days.

  2. Today I feel like your palm tree :)

  3. I hear you, sister, oh how I hear you! I am continuously grateful for my view of the sky from every room here in my apartment in Boedo. Otherwise I couldn't bear how far I too am away from the view of the Hollywood sign that I used to have from my backyard.

  4. I see mountains and wet dogs............are you interested in a trade?

  5. I see a parking lot and a view of the other terraces in the buildings across - broken up with some Crepe Myrtles, scattered palm trees, towering Pines and green grass... and my friend walking her Teacup Yorki-Poo named Monster Eugene (they live next door)... I dream of such a city view in your photos!!!!!! ♥

  6. cherie, we will console each other over the loss of views from days of old :)
    Anony, mountains and wet dogs doesn't sound that bad ... a trade sounds fair.
    Sabrina, I would love to meet a tiny Yorkie-Poo named Monster ..


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