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Alan Cohen
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Relax, Get Lazy

If the days get any lazier and slower, I will just lie there , without moving, until the dog brings me his dish and points out that I really do need to get up and take care of him.
Actually, I wish my husband and the dog would get lazy and just lay there like I do .. it would be much more relaxing.

Today was a beautiful day. Not too hot, not too windy, just right.
We barely went anywhere and hardly did anything.
But we did sit in the park and I took photos and we had a nice dinner.

I need some Get Up and Go pills.
As my grandmother would have said.. Her Get up and Go, Got up and Went.
Pup seems to feel the same. He is stretched out across the hall.
I sidle around his body as I go up and down the hall.
He doesn't even lift his head now.
His get up and go , went too.

My husband seems fairly the same.
He might be moving a bit slower, but that could be because he is walking with the Slow Woman and the Slower Dog.
We ( the dog and I ) can make anyone look Speedy .. just walk next to us, see what I mean. Just don't fall asleep mid-stride. It can happen when you walk with us ..

We went to the bakery. THE bakery. I bought 2 almond croissants, I only ate one, where is my medal ?
The Other one is sitting in the bread drawer waiting for tomorrow, it will be my reward for getting out of bed.

I am looking forward to Autumn.
The trees leaves are getting brown and falling off. They just look dead.
Not that lovely red or gold that Fall leaves have back in the Other World.
But it is still nice to walk in the park and see leaves come drifting down.

Large pink lilies are coming down too.
That is a bit of a surprise, when you least expect it, a huge pink flower will hit you on the head. Just in case you are overcome with the need to nap on a bench .. you know, some people do that.
Not me of course, but I have seen people napping on the benches.
My luck, I would fall asleep on the bench and next thing I would know , I would be crashing to the ground, having rolled over .. trying to find my pillow.
I don't think I would be a good bench sleeper.
There is one man here who comes to the park on his bike, lays down on the bench and falls asleep, one hand firmly holding the bike.
The entire nap, he never lets go of the bike ... how does he do that ??

I fall asleep, you could probably take the bed out from under me and I would sleep through it.
Tomorrow we might go to the Cinema. I will work very hard on getting ready and out of the house by noon. God, why do they have movies so early ??


  1. I love the "Get up and Go, Got up and Went"... love it... and I can so picture the "slow woman and slower dog".. how does that man sleep holding his bike! Mmmmm... almond croissant... it's a shame that you can't have a pretty Autumn...they need to plant a few Maples for you :)

  2. Exactly ! They planted all the wrong trees !
    I have been tempted to give the bike a little tug to see what he would do but I still have a drop of common sense left that tells me it might not be a good idea.


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