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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today is a Good Day

Today turned out to be a very good day.
Pup woke up well.
He really enjoyed his time in the park, where we all sat around appreciating the perfect weather. In the 70's with a wind blowing , beautiful clear skies and best of all, a pup who felt good, had his energy back and smiled at me.
The parks were full. My husband and I went to the Feria earlier in the day, looking for something for him . Of course, I managed to find a little something too. Which as I think about it, might be a good present for someone I love, who is very hard to buy presents for. So the day has been a really good one.
The skateboarders were in the park, providing thrills for the spectators, who worried that a car might come along at the wrong moment .. ( that would be Me, the worrier) But everyone was still fine when we left.

I love the new sculptures in the park. This makes me think of a Japanese robe for an Emperor or ancient War Lord.
The day is not over yet, even more good things can happen ! I hope your day is going as well as ours.


  1. We were all so happy to see him well and his old self again !

  2. oh sweetpie so glad he recovered and the sculpture id fantastic Fay xxx enjoy the day

  3. A happy pup makes my day, too!

  4. Ditto on all the happy Pup is feeling better and that you could spend time outdoors! have a happy week and some sneaky breezes! xo Colette ~ Afrique du Sud

  5. Soooooo happy to read Pup is doing well and getting out and enjoying the day!! ..HHL

  6. eh it looks like summer over there i thought there was still loads of snow everywhere or is that further away in america it kinda hard to imagine when we live in the uk

  7. Hello Kevin !
    Actually, it IS summer here. "Here " being South America, Buenos Aires, Argentina to be exact :)
    Send snow ! I will be glad to see it !


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